Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday’s Freebies

Hi Gals,
can you believe it’s 6pm and I just got up? Damien is at my parents since yesterday evening and Chris and I had lots of fun at our Christmas party yesterday. Food and location were OK, the wine was drinkable, and the DJ was a smashing success. We were going to do some Christmas shopping this evening, but after a day in bed watching TV, we decided not too, and instead are sitting in front of our PCs. I day like this is such a gift, I can’t thank my parents enough.
Chris’ mom called up today with good news, telling us that she found a new home for their cat, Paula. Well actually Paula once belonged to Chris’ brother Frank, but he when he got a new job, were he had to work long hours and move a lot between different locations, he gave it to his parents. That is were Paula had lived very happily for many years. However lately when Damien came from his grandparents he was always couching and the last 3 times even had asthmatic breathing and cough attacks that wouldn’t stop for hours. So two weeks ago I went with Damien to the doctor for an allergy test. I tell ya, taking blood from a 3 and a half year old is no fun. The doctor had a cramp in his hand afterwards and Damien was screaming bloody murder. However as soon as he saw the toy box, where he picked a race car, everything was forgiven and forgotten. The next day he even asked if we were going back again, there was another race car in the box, that he liked ;-) Well to make a long story shorter, one week later we got the results: allergic to cats. That meant Paula had to go. It was hard for Damien, he loved giving Paula milk and following her around. But Paula has a nice new home now, were she can continue to go outside when she wants to. All is well that ends well.
Now to a whopping large freebie list. Remember to leave those fabulous designing ladies some love when you download.
Have a great weekend
Cheers, Angie

temp1 2x




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qp4 mystery qp

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Kits & more:
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Stacey said...

what a great list!! Thank you so much for adding my freebie!! You RAWK!! Sounds like you got lots of sleep today! I am sooo jealous! Maybe I will do that tomorrow! lol

Maisie_D said...

Wow!! Great selection!!!
You and I have the same tastes in digi kits!

Jen said...

What a jam packed list today! There are several I'm going to download :) Thanks so much- I can't get over how much talent there is out there.

Shandy said...

holy cow woman! this has got to be the mother of all freebie lists!!

and I'm so jealous of your peaceful day in bed! what a wonderful grandma Damien has! sorry to hear about the horror of drawing blood (and had to giggle how it was all forgiven and forgotten with the receipt of the car! LOL)
thanks again for the great list (and thanks for taking the time to post on my blog - that's always such a treat to see your comments!! -- plus my dh is like "is that THE Ikeagoddess??" and I'm always happy to report "yes!" - LOL)

Julie (It is.) said...

Awww, thanks, Angie, for listing my freebie. Merry Christmas to you, and I'm glad you got a nice day to yourselves!

chriscrap said...

hey !! thanks for all, could you sen me a mail to please ? i didn't found your mail here... thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angie for the Christmas goodies for us (a lot of searching for your fans)!


IreneO said...

I don't see any other way to contact you, so am posting here. Just wondering if you have a blinkie I can put on my blog?

moon7x4 said...

Wow! Great finds!
Thanks for this great list of freebies! :)

twoboyz00 said...

Great list today! Thanks for all of your hard work and for listing my freebie!

CJozzy said...

Thank you for continuing to provide a quality site and freebie list. Special thanks for showcasing my design 'Noel' element.


Marilyn said...

Thanks for all the work you do!! Do you know of any Free 2009 Calendar Templates?