Friday, December 26, 2008

Mommy’s new play things

Hi gals,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families.
I most definitely did. Christmas Eve I spent with my entire family (including my parents and grandma) at Chris’ parents house. And yesterday Chris, Damien, my grandma, and me drove to my parents’ house, where we met with my aunt, uncle, and cousin & her husband.

To stay in the spirit, here is a photo of our front door wreath – Chris’ mom made it for us:
door-wreath-2008 Credits: paper, wordart, and staple from Jolly Holiday by Gina Marie Huff available at; shadowed frame by [ksharonkdesigns] available at; fold template 1 from Scrap Easy 4 by Vera Lim available at; date stamp (modified) by Vera Lim available at

If you think only Damien got cool gifts for Christmas, you’re wrong. ‘Cause this momma got all she could wish for. Here is the look on my face when I opened my present:
me Credits: shadowed frame and staple by [ksharonkdesigns] available at

And what was inside? The unbelievable…my personal dream come true…
a Canon Rebel XSi /450D. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. Especially not with the price of that monster in mind. But my parents got it anyway, it’s a Christmas and birthday present in one and I love it.
And this morning I had nothing better to do, than find the perfect camera strap for my baby on Etsy. What do you think?

Now I have to find a funky camera bag. Do you have any ideas? The best I could find was Crumpler, but the only half-ways stylish one they had, is sold out.
Help, there has got to be more out there than black nylon camera bags…? If you you know of one, please leave me a link in the comments…pretty, pretty please. After all my baby has got to go out in style ;-)


Monika said...

Congratulations!!! Great camera and camera bag, wish you much fun!!!


AJ said...

Merry Christmas! What an awesome present!!! What about the ShootSac? That's what I'd get if I had unlimited funds, LOL. There are also some shops on Etsy that carry camera bags. Watch the sizes to make sure you get one as big as you need :). I'm probably not the person to be posting about this, LOL. I use an old backpack for my gear, LOLOL! Have fun with your new toy :).

Jenn said...

Congrats on the new camera!! I have an SLR (purchased several months ago) and it's my most favorite thing in the house! I love your blog and look forward to your freebie postings everday. Thanks for the link to the Etsy shop. I'm SO buying me a cool camera strap. I need one for my upcoming birthday I think. LOL! :)

annamarie said...

How cool!!!

Anonymous said...

I love my Nikon SLR too! Haven't found the perfect bag yet either - so can't wait to see if you get suggestions. LOVE that strap! Merry Christmas and thanks so much for what you do :)

La Scrapping Mad-ison said...

I LOVE my Rebel, she's my baby and goes just about everywhere with me.

I highly suggest getting a "protective lens" to go over your real lens, especially with a child, just to keep the expensive lens from getting scratched up. I've been through two already and I'm SO thankful I thought to do it.

I have a booksack like bag for my Big Grey and I keep EVERYTHING in it when I know I'll need more than just the camera... AND the folds-out-to-more-than-seven-feet-tall Tripod folds up and fits on the bag, too!!

Congrats! You'll love it, I guarantee it!

lis said...

Congrats- your new baby is a BEAST!
I came up with this link
Dunno how to get to the store, gotta admit I'm lacking the patience to figure it out, as the husband just put a huge load of cookies in front of me that want to be eaten ;)
Merry (rest-) Xmas from Leeds,

Laurie said...

I love these bags But they are expensive so I'll probably never get one. But I keep looking at my local camera shop - LOL

Rachel said...

I second the shoot sac, you can change out the covers and everything!!


Sabrina said...

schau doch mal hier drauf ;)
würde super zu dir passen!

Tammy Dunlap said...

AWESOME!!! You will love it for sure! I have the 400D I got last year for Christmas! Hubby got me lighting this year so I can do my own photos at home and a Lens Baby too! Congrats!

Andrea said...

Gratulation zur neuen Kamera! Cooles Schnittchen!! Viel Spaß damit und allzeit "Gut Licht"!
Crumpler find ich auch cool, guck doch einfach mal, die haben quietschrote und quietschorange Taschen, das ist wirklich ein Hingucker und gar nicht schwarz und altbacken.

AnitaDK said...

Congratulations! I got the same camera for Christmas! It's my first SLR and I love it! Now I just have to learn how to use it! Ha! I think I'm going to make my own strap covers, so I can change with the season - looks pretty easy. The bag... I'm looking for the perfect one too, will have to buy that, my sewing ability only goes so far... Ha!

Enjoy your new camera!

.:Bree:. said...

congrats on the new camera! And I LOVE that both families spend the holiday together, and that they get along. sometimes it seems just doing thanksgiving with both our families is a pain! your son is so lucky!

And I'll ask my sister about the camera bag. She's a photographer. so she should know...but it'd proabably be from the states.

Have you looked on ebay?

Anonymous said...

Glad you got a new camera! I got a Nikon D 70 and I love it! Have fun!

linds said...

AWESOME!!! I love the straps and the camera bag...hopefully you'll be able to get it soon!! I got my dream for Christmas too...the Nikon D90.

jazzmint said...

wow...thats so cool. welcome to the dslr world ;). You'll love it I'm sure.

Meta Meulenbelt said...

Hi, I have bought a bag from this site: (it's Dutch) and I've bought the Vanguard Pampas 57, here's a picture: it's a backpack that you can turn in front of you without taking it from your back. I have just bought myself a 450d too (already had the 350d) and I love it!

Meta Meulenbelt said...
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Stacey said...

Ohhh you are gonna love that camer!!! I have that one! I don't have that FABULOUS bag though! and the strap! man those are too awesome!!! yay congrats!!!

Amy said...

(haven't read all of the comments so sorry if someone has mentioned this!)

I think some of the neatest are from Tracy Joy:

Have fun with your new toy!!!

StarWarsFans98 said...

Awesome gift! Try these sites for trendy, fun bags:

Lori said...

I look at your site all of the time for freebies and I LOVE you for finding them for me :)

We have had the Canon XSI since may or so and I was desperately trying to find a reasonably priced camera bag I'd like. This is TOTALLY lame, but i wound up seeing a cool thermal lunch bag with a shoulder strap and I've been using that ever since! It was a $10 purchase but it works perfectly. It's padded because it's thermal, and i keep my extra lens in the additional padded area on the inside that's intended for a thermos lol. Anyway- just an idea until you find the bag of your dreams.

Patamomma said...

Wow! You lucky girl! Great gift and sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Patty

Yesi :) said...

Congrats on the camera! I have an XTi and I love, love, love it. Thank you for all you do for us scrap-addicts. I look forward to seeing which bag you get. I've been searching myself for a fashionable bag worthy of my dslr.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your gift! That is a beautiful camera - all the best!
I am not sure if these are your style, but try here for some nice camera bags:
Good luck and happy holidays.
:) Marie

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Angie love, I am sitting here with freakin' tears in my eyes!!! I look at your face, read your post, look at your face and it sinks in ... this babe has got her dream come true!!! WOO HOO!!! I am SO happy for you and photography classes to boot!!!

Now, you must keep us updated on how you progress with your classes sweetie! I was just chatting with a few dear designer friends Christmas morning and we were really going crazy on the subject of digital SLR's and photography!

You are about to live my dream girl and I wish you the MOST fabulous year ahead in your discovery of photographic techniques and your forthcoming expertise!!!

You GO girl!!!

Have a GRAND weekend and I can't wait to see some shares of your first photos with your NEW baby!

Linda :)

charlie said...

Congrats on the will love it..Ive had mine for 2 yrs now and i wouldnt part with it..have fun learning..

esther_a said...

I got one too!! So exciting!! I got a crumpler bag for it.
It is an Australian company, but I know a lot of American scrappers/photographers that have one!
I have the 4 million dollar home"
Have fun!

Pepper said...

You look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wu-hoo! DH suprised me with a Nikon D90 (I thought only I knew that I'd been a good girl all year)! Thanks for all you do and for the links for scoping out fab camera bags! Good luck on your search and happy snappin'! :) T.

Anonymous said...

Awesome gift! I am sure you are going to have so much fun! Thanks for the gret freebies. I check your site out several times a week. Thanks for sharing.

Yin said...

way to go, you stylish girl, love the strap and take lots of pics with that new baby!

Lainey said...

Congrats, Angie!! I used to have the pre-digital version and I totally loved it...have fun in your classes and your new camera!

JanMary said...

Congrats on your camera. I have the 400D and love it.

I too am looking for a trendy bag, so checking out the links.

I currently use a Lowepro Slingshot, which is great to carry, and can swing round without taking off to access camera. Bit too functional though, want something cute and trendy!

Here is the link to the Slingshot anyway!

Anonymous said...

Yea Angie! I am sooo happy for you! You will love it. I am no help on a stylin' camera bag. My Rebel rides around in a plain ole black nylon bag. This mamma is saving her money for a very expensive lens. hee hee. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

what an awesome gift! Sorry I don't have any ideas for the bag. I'm sure you are taking pics of everything in sight. Scrap Happy!

amy! said...

oh, I'm glad I back tracked threw your post...missed alil w/ the holidays..then FIL died too..anyway..glad I found this post..congrats on your awesome gift. and thanks for the sites to the straps..I've so wanted one of these...haven't taken the time to look though...until now!

Misola said...

Hi Angie,
hope you read this ... I'm very interested in knowing your decision which camera bag you'll buy or maybe allready bought.
I have the some problem - also need a bag for a 450D, so that's the reason why I'm so interesed in ;-)

I found out that on you can get the bags of Crumpler for less money than on other sites, but they only have the "normal" colours red, black, white ...

If you post your decison, be sure I'll read it, because I visit your blog every day!

Have a great new year and a lot of fun with your camera!

Joy said...

oh my gosh you are so lucky... that is awesome.. you will have to tell me what you think of it.

I love the strap.. I went right over to that etsy shop and bought me one.