Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday’s freebies

Birthday party #1 – check :-) one down, two to go.
So Damien turned 4 today and all the family was over to celebrate. He was very excited and loved all the attention and presents he got. Chris and I had planned on taking him to the zoo in the morning, but it was raining cats and dogs today, so we stayed home and played with the Lego dinosaur set we got him. That was fine with Damien, he was happy to play with his new toys. In the afternoon all the family was over for tea (we don’t even have a coffee machine) and cake. Damien was the life of the party and was laughing all the time. And he didn’t stop letting everybody know that he was now 4 years old.

I still owe some answers to questions that came up, so here goes:
How did I do Damien’s birthday party invitations? (see yesterday’s P365 layout for a photo) I used the Frugal Crafters template, get it here. It was super easy and done in a flash (well, maybe everything except cutting out the fire at the bottom of the rocket). I would have liked to embellish it more and add an alpha, but I haven’t found my scrapbook supplies yet (T minus 9 months and we still have more than half of our belongings packed in moving boxes in the basement…arrgghhh)

How do I do 2-page layouts? I open a new file (7200x3600 @ 300dpi) and then I open the two 12x12 templates I want to use. In the first template I click on the top layer so that its highlighted. I then hold down the shift key and click on the bottom layer. Now I have all layers selected, I grab the template, hold down shift, and simply drag it in to my new 7200x3600 file. The template will be centered (thanks to the shift key). I then drag it to the left till it fits in the corners. This can be a bit tricky to get it right, but haven’t found a better way yet. I then do the same for the second template, except it goes on the right of my new 2-page file. When putting the background papers in place, I find it hard to place them perfectly so they fit in all corners. In order to avoid unwanted white space, I simply resize just a little bit. No one will notice and it saves a bunch of time and sanity ;-) The border I used was actually for a 12x12 layout, so I just erased the two borders in the middle that I didn’t need, and copied parts from the border and inserted to make two long borders on the top and bottom. If you are looking for a PSE tutorial on how to use templates, check out this post from the W&W forum.
And now for some freebies:

temp1 P365 P365




Alphas & Wordart:

Kits & more:




MandaK said...

I wanted to thank you for all of the work you do finding all of these great freebies! I have found a lot of great stuff through your site!

I also wanted to share that I have just started doing some templates. The first two are up on my blog (one is linked to a template challenge I am hosting). Just wanted to share!

andrea/rubi said...

Vielen Dank für die tägliche Freebie-Liste. Ich glaub, ich könnte schon gar nicht mehr ohne sie sein.

Ach, wenn Du in Sachen Canon-Digi-Spiegelreflex noch ein bisschen lesen willst, hier ein ganz tolles Forum: Ich weiß nicht, ob Du das schon kennst. Da gibts zu allen möglichen Themen ganz viel Info. Und großartige Fotografen. Nebst vielen helfenden Auskünften, wenn man derer bedarf.


PS: sorry, dass ich heute ausnahmsweise in Deutsch schreibe, aber mein Kopf reicht heute nicht mehr zu mehr. ;-)

chouk77 said...

wow ! i'm very happy to see my freebie "lilie's birthday" in your list ! it's make me so enjoy !!!

Thanks you so much !

Stacey said...

thanks for the info on how to do double pages!! I never knew that! Also thanks for including my freebie!!!!

Nikki Scott Team Blog said...

Awesome Freebies!! You do such a great job collecting all these up, I am a frequent visitor :)

I just released a new freebie on my blog as if you wanted to add it to yours, that would be awesome!!!

Thank you soo much
Nikki xxx

Anonymous said...

A very happy 4th birthday to Damien!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy 4 Damien! Good luck mom with all the parties! :) T.

Donna (Tootlebugz) said...

Happy B Day to Damien :) 4 year olds are tons of fun. My "baby" is 8. I miss the days where I was the center of her life and always had all the answers! LOL My 15 year old has taught me I know nothing... rofl

Laura said...

Sounds like he had a lovely birthday! Thanks for all the finding you do for us!

akizo said...

Happy Birthday to Damien!
Thanks for listing my freebie to your list!!

Camilla ...or ecam :-) said...

I also do two pagers with templates, and I've found this: You can mark half of your canvas, using the square marquee tool, and size set to 3600x3600 px. With the selcetion intact (marching ants running), go ahead and grab all the layers of your template, and shift+drag them onto your canvas. They will automatically center within the seleced area. Now go ahead and select the other half, using your square marquee tool and same settings, then shift+drag the other template onto that. Just a little tip.

Tan MoonDesigns said...


Thank you for listing my freebie on your blog today and for your kind birthday wishes you left me on my blog! :)

Have a great day!


HelenClyde said...

Happy Birthday Damien! And congratulations to managing the first party, Angie :-)

Our Twins will be two on Thursday, and then there´s also my eldest daughters 7th Birthday Kinderparty on Saturday, and all grandparents and godparents coming on Sunday...

So I know what your talking about :-)

After all your advertising I finally bought the Life365 Kit from Weeds and Wildflowers - your Layout convinced me that I needed to spend 20 Dollars on it. It´s indeed very pretty, but I do hope they give you their stuff for free or at least at dscount - I think your the best promoter they can ever have!

I´ve also got a freebie, which ´m not quite sure about, on my blog, by the way ;-)

See you and thanks for the list, Helen

LisaMarie said...

Glad Damien's bday was so awesome! Four is a great age :)

Got 2 new freebies on my blog too!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Thanks for helping me find all the great 365 templates. I love the idea of using different layouts from week to week. I can match up the layouts to the types of pictures I have that week.

Janet said...

Angie, I do the same thing for the 2-page layouts. If you go to View, Grid, after you bring your template onto the new layout, you can "snap" the template (and background papers) into place perfectly. The only time it doesn't work quickly is if the template has something hanging off the 12x12 area, but it is still much easier to get it exactly in place. After my template and backgrounds are in place I turn off the grid because it is annoying. :)

Something Wilde said...
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Something Wilde said...

Happy 4th Birthday to Damien! Thanks so much for all the hard work you do in listing all these freebies - it's wonderful.

I have my first kit available for free on my blog.

Anonymous said...

as always, a terrific list!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Daniem! I wish you all the best!

Sabrina said...

Ja ja, die Zeit vergeht ;)
Ich hoffe ihr hattet einen schönen Tag zusammen!

Ashley said...

This is good work! Thank you for sharing!