Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Template Tuesday

My only cousin gave birth to a baby girl today: Lilly. The whole family is ecstatic. And in a year or so Damien will finally have someone to play with at family meetings.
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Susan said...

I have a freebie on my blog that I'd love for you to take a look at. It's a pet themed mini kit and alpha. I really appreciate the time you spend looking for freebies; you always have some of the best ones listed!

Here's the link:

I'll also be posting a Valentine's Day freebie on Friday :)

Thanks a bunch for looking!

Kristin said...

AWWWW! Congrats on the new baby in the family! It's always so much more fun when there are small kids around for your own kids to play with. My daughter and her cousins are best friends! Love it!

Thanks so much for featuring my freebie Angie! I really appreciate it and all of the freebies you feature. They are always the best!


Pam said...

Thank you for the hunting!!

juno said...

Lovely about new baby Lilly. Is she your second cousin, then? Love your blog. Me, I have a new baby blog! You are most welcome to come have a look and see if you like my freebies. :)
Lots more coming up!

amanda77kr said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Ladye said...

A new baby in the family is always a good thing. Last week I got two new great nephews and they were born 12 hours apart but not on the same day, even though their mothers went to the hospital at the same time

Sheri said...

Hi, Angie, congratulations to your family on the new addition - Lilly is adorable!!

I've put a Project365 monthly template up on my blog; you can check it out here:

Thanks so much - I just love your blog!!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Angie, how ABSOLUTELY precious Miss Lilly is!!! Oh, I am SO thrilled for your family, a sweet baby girl to love and YES, Damien shall have a GRAND time protecting her as they grow up together! Well, eventually anyhow! LOL! I ALWAYS wanted a BIG brother to look up to. I do have two older brothers, however, I did not meet either one of them until I had married and one just a decade ago! SO, SO very sweet! Thank you for sharing her with us!

Thank you SO much sweetie for showcasing my frames, for your INCREDIBLE pick of goodies for me to download and for visiting me in celebration of my recovered data!

You ROCK the DIGITAL WORLD darlin'!

Linda *hearts*

Anonymous said...

Welcome baby Lilly! What fun she will add! Thanks again for all you do! :) T.

Laura said...

Aw, congrats on your new neice! And, as always -thanks for sharing your finds

Donna (Tootlebugz) said...

Congrats on a new niece.

Also, thanks for the wonderful freebie list!

Donna (tootlebugz)

Gunhild Storeide said...

Lilly looks adorable - congratulations!

Also thanks for all the freebies. Sometimes I forget to look for freebies for a few days, and then it is always so nice to come back and discover all the goodies... :-)

Bianca said...

Congratulations on the family addition!! That's such a sweet photo of the new mother and child.
And thanks for your list of freebies, I enjoy it every day! (btw: did you see my freebie on my blog?)

Zin from the Alps said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Precious! And you have found time to post stuff for us, your devoted fans! That's so sweet darling! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog with a great combination of family and scrap!

Now I have a question for you: Do you know anyone who designs templates and QP for 8x8? Usually, just resizing from 12x12 doesn't work. The photos tends to get "to small" and it't just doesn't look right. I often use Yins templates, resize to a smaller format (not as much as 8x8) and then use parts of the template - but then the page lose that elegant "balance" she has in her templates.

Thanks for your great blog wich has lead me to fantastic freebies and given me laughs of recognition when you tell stories about Damien!


EliNa said...

Congratulations on the new baby. She is a doll.

I posted a Valentin quick page freebie on my blog

Thanks in advance if you consider listing it