Monday, July 27, 2009

Book & Bed

I have an idea for my story I want to work on before I forget it. Total scatterbrain on this end of the screen. So I won't be freebie hunting tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with freebie links. So I'm off to bed early with my journal (yep, I'm totally old-school when it comes to writing, and type it off later).
Hope you all had a great weekend. My was just awesome. Friday a good friend came over for some chatting and beer (thanks again for all those comments on me spilling my guts like that. You are the best. Cross my heart and hope to die. Love ya). Saturday Damien went to visit Chris' parents, while we helped a friend from work set up his new apartment. He has recently split from his wife and small girl and just starting out new. God, I hope he gets through this OK and finds someone new. He is a sweet and funny hard working guy who really deserves someone good for him. He basically didn't take anything with him and went just all IKEA. From the entire kitchen to drawers through kid's bed and chairs to bookshelves and desks. I was in H-E-A-V-E-N. My power screw driller always at my side, I was having so much fun. I was a goddess in her element. Which reminds me that I have to buy a WonderWoman Tshirt. And there were yummy beer mixes too. There were also a hand full of friends and family helping put together all the furniture. We were done way too fast for my liking. I would have stayed till he kicked me out. But Chris and our friend and driver wanted to go home. Chris' mom called to us that she expected us to come by and have dinner, great BBQ bytheway, and to enjoy are couple hours of us time till then. And I did. Sunday morning all three of us snuggled in bed, then we made scrambled eggs for breakfast and Chris went to work. Damien and I just goofed off. He told me stories and we play acted them. I love it when I have time for that. Just let everything else be as it may and play for hours on the couch with matchbox cars and listen to Damiens ridiculous stories of what is actually happening at this moment. He has a fun mind and is quite clever if I may say so. When Chris came home in the afternoon, I was almost through watching the first third of Star Wars Episode 1 - The Fantom Menace. His first time. I think I was more excited than he was. I can't wait to hear what his mind comes up with given this kind of input. We starting about me expaining to Damien the main charachters and the storyline of Star Wars, and moved on to watching youtube videos of the Luke-Yoda-Jeditraining sequence. He loved it. So now we are watching it in three parts spread over a couple days. That way he has time to process and we can talk about it on the way to kindergarten. It was a little hard for him to realize that Yoda wasn't there in every shot, but he really liked the racing scene. Then I took him out to the playground. His friend from our street didn't have time to tag along, so just Damien and me went. First there were no kids there, but after a bit 3 smaller kids came with their parents. None were in the speaking age, so after 2 hours Damien actually asked me if we could go home. Usually I have to drag him home. It really used to be diffent when I was a kid. There were kids everywhere. Now there is one other kid his age on our entire street of 30 2-family houses. Makes me sad sometimes. So instead of going inside we grabbed a bowl and went picking blackberries for dessert. There are huge bushes growing free in the back of our house. And they're sooo good. At home again in time for dinner and daddy took over, dinner (grilled cheese sandwich) and all. I had time read a fabulous story I started this week. Its called I Love LA by feathersmmmm. It's a love story staring Mr Pattinson himself. I wasn't that interested to start it, but I had read so many good references to it, so I thought should give it a try. And I did and have been hooked since. Its basically a love story between Rob and a 33 year old. And it is beautifully written and hillarious and sweet and sexy, but not in the full frontal sluttiness sort of way. She has a choice of words that is enspiring. So if you are interested, look here. But I warn you, you could get hooked just like I am. So now I'm off to bed.
See ya tomorrow
Cheers, IkeaGoddess


JoAnn Stringer said...

My 9 year old loves Star Wars. Have fun with your writing in bed! It's a new episode of TB here tonight!

Tracy said...

Have a wonderful night writing...Thanks so much for all your freebie hunting...YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Your day with your boy sounds so cozy and loving. Sounds like a perfect Sunday!

Enjoy your book!

Anne said...

When I first started visiting this blog it was to snag a few freebies, but now it's mainly to check out how you're doing. You sound like a great person and someone I would def be friends with. C1an't wait to read your fiction! And thanks for getting me onto Twilight and P365. How are you going with P365 btw?

Jenn said...

Sounds like a fab weekend - so glad you enjoyed yourself and relax!

I have a new freebie - my first alpha! Come by and grab it!

Kristin said...

Oooh thanks for the I Love LA link. I book marked it. I'm hunting for good to reads lately. Just finished up the Sookie Stackhouse series and I'm suffering from "end of series depression" kwim? Good thing there's a new one coming out in October! teehee

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Good to pick up little bits and pieces of you every now and then. :)

Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend ^.^
I can't wait to have times like that when my son is a bit older :)

Tracy said...

Angie, first off, thanks so much for your Blog... It is the first site that I check everynight when I get home from work. Your Posts this weekend were Awesome!
I have a quick question, a while back you had posted a Twilight Word Art freebie that could be used as iron on transfers for t-shirts. I meant to mark it as a favorite, but I must not have. Do you happen to still have a link to that website?

Thanks again!!

Yin said...

Star wars have ruled in our home since I can't remember when. We have star wars books, all the dvds, lego star wars, star wars PC games, star wars figurines in all shapes and sizes, and everyday (almost) we have two jedi-s wielding light sabers through our little apartment, one with cape and all. Enjoy your little boy and these wonderful days! :)