Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Now ladies, before I leave for work, I just have to give you a little treat.
This morning I found a delicious True Blood video showing the Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle, and it features my absolute favorite song at the moment, Think Twice by Eve6. So as a little eye-candy to go along with your coffee – I present his hotness himself – Eric.

PS. hop to 1:22 for my favorite scene. 3 seconds of heaven.


Yin said...

Angie, you make me laugh. Saw the strategic 3 seconds! :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh yeah, it's HOT around here in MORE ways than one love! I just finished watching the video and listening to THINK TWICE! Good one for sure.

Now, I've got a pit in my stomach as I would normally be sleeping but was just chatting with my VD, Sarah whilst I await the return of my fiance and my baby boy (one of the twins that just turned 20). John was on his way home from work (3:20 am), a deer ran across his path and he has ROLLED Robert's Explorer, which is the only means of transportation we have at the moment. ACK! We live in a small foothill community with NO bus transportation, so I am hoping something comes along quickly for Robert to be able to get to work ... and John too. They both work at the same place. Robert days, John nights.

I am EVER so thankful that my son is okay. He had just crossed our lake and passed a steep cliff and went off the road just before an area where we used to live by the lake. Oh, I am SOOOO happy that he is okay. They are trying to make contact with a tow service and, hopefully, will be home soon.

I've been enjoying your shares sweetie. Thank you SO much for bringing us all into your beautiful part of the world and for entertaining me at this "pins and needles" moment! MWAH!

Have an AWESOME day love!

Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

P.S. He, he ... 3 seconds wasn't an exaggeration! *wink*

Just Tink said...

I totally agree. Eric is hot! I love the twilight books, but the true blood ones are more adult, and i love that I found someone else that appreciates them too. lol. have you read the books yet? If not do it!!!! If you like eric , you will not be dissapointed. thanks for sharing the video. loved it.

HelenClyde said...

Ahh, when you like Eric, wait until you reach book four, the one he´s loosing his memory. Ah, it´s so nice to read. Pure joy! I´m glad to be back on the internet after we moved. I missed your blog, someone who sheres my passions ;-)

Rose said...

You know, I watched the season premier and was so turned off by the violence and sex scenes that I didn't watch another episode. The video looks good, and I guess I kind of thought the series would be more "Twilight-ish", you know vampires without all the gore? Great song though :)

Ellie said...

Thanks for sharing that! I SOOOOOOO LOVE Eric!

Kara said...

You saw this right!! Looks like Eric and Sookie end up together sometime this season!!

Elisabeth said...

I'm not a Twilight addict, I just appreciate, but I'm a huge fan of True Blood ; and I recommend you the second season, the 5 episodes I saw are fantastic, the story is better and better, and there is more Eric :)


Samantha said...

Ok now this is song & the Eric-Sookie-Eric triangle are burned in my mind along with a scene-song from Boycotts & Barflies...Edward, Jasper & Emmett doing a strip the story, they are doing a version of a scene from 'Cocktail', but in my mind they are dancing...exoticly!!! ;) hehe

Samantha said...
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Crabcakes said...

Ewwwww! To each their own, but i do not like this video or music at all!

nicol said...

This is a great series with more twist and turns than anyone could expect.
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