Friday, July 03, 2009

Thursday’s Freebies

temp1 2x


temp3 2-page P365


Alphas & Wordart:

Kits & more:
kits1 daily download


Simply Me, Tess said...

Hi...just love your blog and want to thank you for your effort to put this one. It's my dream to see my freebies posted on your blog too!!!! I hope you can drop by to see my works...Here is the link...

Suzanne said...

Hello Angie! Again, thank you for all the work that you've been doing! God bless!

daisydilly said...

thanks for all the hard work you do.

saw an IKEA store while out one day and I thought of you right off!


Marie said...

Thanks Angie!

I have a free July desktop available on my blog!:

Jamie said...

I haven't left many comments yet, but I have been loving your blog for months and months! Thank you for saving me time and effort- I wouldn't scrapbook if it weren't for this blog! You are wonderful!

Binty said...

Hi Angie! thanks again for all u'r freebie finds.

I also have a new freebie template on my blog
please do check it out :) thanks.

Kristin said...

Angie thank you so much for featuring my daily download freebie! MWAH! to download some of those sweet templates. Looks like you found some super fab ones today!

cyprus property said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I'd love you to pop by & take a look at my edges numbbumm.blogspot

Wishing you a fantastic weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angie! Just wondering...what happened to your Playlist? It disappeared a while back and I've been hoping for its return. Not only did you introduce me to Playlist (a site I *love* -- thank you!!), but I discovered some new music from your list. "Six Underground" and "The Fear" come to mind. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for that! :)

Trac said...

Thanks so much for all your effort, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED.