Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday’s Freebies

I must confess, I just watched this weeks episode of True blood again and then I watched the part about Eric meeting Godric his maker again… and again… and… it was so Highlander meets Queen of the Damned. I mean Sookie and Bill are real cute and all, but Bill is a bit boring in my eyes. I actually feel for poor Jessica. Eric however is just plain hot and what I saw of Godric makes me want to see more. In the meantime watching that scene just one more time shouldn’t hurt, right? Oh I can’t wait till next week…

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Miss Cutiepie said...

Thanks Angie! My boyfriend loves true blood as well :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Angie. I thought the scene between Eric and Godric was totally hot! I've watched that episode 3 times this week :)

Samantha said...

I am soooo with you on the Eric thing! He's soooooooooo sexy with his new 'look'. I think Sookie should hop on the Eric ship....and help him change his ways. I also really like Jessica's character...her and Hoigt(sp?) will make such a cute couple.

Thanks for the hunting!

Binty said...

thanks for all the freebies today, especially loved the QPs. I have new template freebie on the blog :
please do stop by if u get time :) thanks again.

RA said...

You always find such great freebies! Thanks sooo much!! I'm afraid I may have to stop visiting, because each day I find several things to download, and then those lead me to even more! My hard drive space is rapidly shrinking :( Aack!

Recovering procrastinator said...

Have you read the books? If you like Eric on the show, you will loooooooooooooooove him in the books. Although he's not very prominent until no. 3 or 4, unfortunately.

Thanks for another great crop of freebies. You rock.

just Patty Anne said...

Prior to this episode, Eric was just too over the top antagonistic for me... BUT NOW, I am SO interested in him and can't wait to see more of Godric. Finally more character development rather than just watching events unfold...

On the Twilight front... I'm curious about how you feel about the way the movie characters look as opposed to the way you pictured them when you read the novels. Now, when you re-read them, do you picture them your way or the movie way?

p.s. I've read all the Anne Rice & Stephanie Mayer, is there another vampire series that YOU recommend as good? The bookstores are flooded with them... but I'm only interested in the good stuff.

p.p.s. Oh yeah, thank you again for all the awesome freebie finding & filtering that you do.

Emily said...

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