Friday, September 11, 2009

Freebie Friday

Today is a strange day. 9/11 always triggers my memory of seeing the towers fall, of watching history change its course while sitting stunned in front of the TV. The question of my parents’ generation is Where were you when Kennedy was shot? The question of my generation is Where were you on 9/11? Its strange how one day can shift the world on its axis.

I found a stream of the Vampire Diaries this evening and watched it. Its not bad, but its no True Blood either. I think it has potential, but it is definitely more for a young adult audience. Damon was the best part by far in my opinion. I think I’ll keep watching it for a while, because I really don’t have anything better to watch. My beloved True blood will be over on Monday *sigh* and The Big Bang Theory won’t be on for another week (Sept. 21st). I can’t wait to see Sheldon again. I love that guy. And strange as it may be, I think he and Penny would be fun together.




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Tiffany said...

The Vampire Diaries is more for young adult but I thought it was pretty good.
Damon was by far the best part. Sooooo cute.
I still am anxious to see who they cast as Alcide for True Blood.
I would think that they would almost have to add his character into the show!!!

Thanks again for picking my qp!!!!
Your time spent finding freebies for us all is so appreciated.

madfam said...

I haven't watched True Blood yet (gasp!) but it's in my NetFlix queue. :)

I LOVE Big Bang Theory, and couldn't agree with you more about Sheldon and Penny. I definitely think they'd be good together ... or would at the very least make a very interesting couple. Maybe she could "lighten him up" a bit ... I swear his character needs to get a laid in the worst of ways!

Anonymous said...

We taped Vampire Diaries last night, so still need to watch it.
Alot of freebies today! Thanks so much. A Canuck

Kristine ♥ said...

Great list tonight! Thanks Angie! Have a great weekend!

Binty said...

thanks for putting up my template. and a very big thank-you all the freebies today.. wow! so many kits :).. i love it! thanks again.

Ang said...

WOW that's a lot of awesome freebies!!! THANK YOU!! What a fun way to spend a Friday - LOL

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Thank you for a SPECTACULAR Friday listing of FREEBIES this week Angie love!

Glad that you have found an alternative program to your liking to hold your interest until the return of your FAVORITE programming!

I am trying SO hard to get back into the SWING of things, but looks as though that will be SLOW going until after my son's wedding! I am on my way to order the music for our Mother/Son dance and my oldest daughter shall be singing it for us. I am trying VERY hard not to let the pressure of my being responsible for the wedding photography be overwhelming, BUT ... LMAO!

Wishing you Chris and Damien a MOST awesome weekend together in whatever you find yourselves doing or NOT! I SO look forward to just LAXIN' with my sweetie, however, we do have a birthday party to attend tomorrow for one of our grandsons who is turning two! PHOTO OP! :-D

Love atcha girlie,
Linda XOXO

amy said...

Wow... you outdid yourself today! Thank you!

madfam said...

Ack! Just noticed my typo!

Tara said...

The Vampire Diaries is MUCH better in book form. I've read the first book (it has two books in it)... I've noticed a LOT of changes between the book and the tv show. I think I actually prefer the books!! You should give them a try... They are teen reading (like Twilight), but they are pretty good!!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for finding all these freebies! :)

Cara said...

Just got the 1st 2 episodes of the 1st season of True to watch them right now! :) I have a Sweet Tomato template freebie up right now if you're interested...

Anonymous said...

woot-woot! thanks for posting my brag-book templates! How fun and what a surprise to see it here :)

Laurie's Scraps said...

I haven't said thank you in a while, but thank you for all you do and for listing my freebies! And about the language. I agree with everyone else, it is your blog, you do what you want. They don't have to enjoy your freebie listings if they don't want to. More power to you!

Anna said...

Wow - This is a great list of freebies!

Thanks Angie!!!