Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday Madness

We just watched the season finale of True Blood and I thought it was… disappointing. I expected it to have a faster tempo and more Eric and witches and…I don’t know… anything. And now I have to wait 9 long months for season 3 and almost 2 years for the shower scene. You Southern Vampire Mysteries book readers know what I’m talking about. I like many others just can’t wait for them to make that scene real. Oh well, at least The Big Bang Theory starts next week. And its only 66 days till New Moon. Here is the official MTV New Moon trailer, it has a few more scenes than the last one and the quality is perfect for full screen mode. Enjoy :-)
Sorry couldn't embed this MTV clip and it has an ad first, but the New Moon trailer is worth it.

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Tiffany said...

I have yet to see any of Season 2 so I am so jealous of you!!!!

That shower scene had better live up to the book. Knowing HBO it will.

I just want to know who they will cast to play Alcide & Quinn.

Thanks for always posting these wonderful freebies.

Lori said...

Bummer on the finale! I am waiting to get Season One (thanks to you!), so I have a lot of catching up to do!

BTW - I have a word art freebie posted on my blog . . .


Kristine ♥ said...

Great list tonight Angie! Thanks for sharing!!!

Leah said...

I hear you on the True Blood finale. The climax (heh) was in the middle, and then it felt like they spent the rest of the show tying up loose ends until the cliffhanger at the end.

But meantime, thanks for the freebie list!

ChrissyW said...

ooh thanks for posing my freebie mini kit! you made my day - off to take a peek at the freebies for the day! take care and thanks Chrissy

JD said...

oh so great I didn't see the trailer! Thanks for posting it. I am in Northern California!

Crystal said...

I was a little disappointed with the finale too. could have been sooo much better. Still loved it though and can't wait for next season!

Thanks for featuring my wordart freebie too!

Nancy said...

I agree 100% about True Blood. Way too much hype on the MaryAnn Story all this season, I really hated it. But I think the slowness was because they had wrapped up the Dallas story, so what else is left? I think they should have done it the other way around if they could. looking forward to Alcide next season. But looks like Bill has been kidnapped to set up the Jackson storyline.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the freebie list! with 2 young boys (2 months and 19 months old) i hardly have time to scrap these days but when i do have time your list is such a big help! i want to thank you for introducing me to the 365 templates also. my husband is in the navy, and i plan on using these when he is out on deployment so when he gets back from being gone 6 months+ at a time he can see what he missed here at home

Dream Big Designs said...

YEAH! Thank you for liking my mask! Your the best!

Vee said...

Great freebies today! Thanks so much for all your work!

New freebies on my blog...

I hope you can stop by and check it out!

Stephanie said...

I had exactly the same feeling!!!!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Stopping by to wish you an AWESOME week! I've not seen any of True Blood so I have NO cents to add in! I did try to watch the trailer, but it is not cooperating with me - will look it up again tomorrow! You've got me curious now! LOL!

Thank you for the FABULOUS list of goodies today! WOOT!

Linda :-)

Kristin said...

Yeah True Blood wasn't as action packed as I had hoped it would be. But...seems to me like they are building up to next season. And I'm thinking next season is all about Eric and Sookie. And that sounds just fine to me!

Thanks for the sweet list!


Jen Martakis said...

I can't wait for New Moon!

I'm so happy that I found your blog (I was referred by a friend). What an awesome resource!

I posted another freebie template on my blog today, if you are interested in posting a link that would be wonderful! :)

Lucy Filet said...

I'm newish. I've been here a few times before, but today I read your sidebar and I LMAO'd at the fact that you might have named your son Billy.

I, too, am an IKEA addict. I would spend all my money there if I could. :)

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redjudesigns said...

I know what you mean, I was disappointed too about the TB finale.

ellepaulette said...

Love that New Moon trailer....

Becca said...

I hear you on True Blood -- I've not read them, but I was disappoint with the pacing and lack of action also. And I could have done with a wee bit more Eric. :)

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the great freebies! :)

Cub, Cranky and the parents who love them said...

I'm with you on the finale, a bit disappointed as well. Definitely not enough Eric! Looks like they are mixing the books together a bit so I am hoping we get Eric next season!! If we have to wait that long we better!!

Couldn't get that New Moon trailer to work for me, so off to find it! Thanks for everything!