Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Freebies

I have had quite a busy weekend. I got a lot of cleaning done and finally finished putting up some much needed bookshelves too. Between Chris and me we could open up a library, not to mention Damien’s impressive collection for a 4 year old. He already has a 8 unit Expedit bookcase full of books (and I already packed up the baby books that he no longer looks at). We sure are one family of bookish people. :-)


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Ang said...

I was so jones'in for some freebies today! LOL Thanks so much for taking the time out to share your finds. :)

Dawn Farias said...

Thank you!

Nicole said...

Thanks for making these blog post, I really appreciate it!

Lizzy said...

Thanks so much, some really great templates today!

Samantha said...

Thanks for the freebie searchin again!

Here's a link for all the Rob Pattinson fans...a trailer for a movie done before Twilight called 'How To Be'.

nic said...

Thanks again for your freebie lists! It helps SO much! 8]

Jessica said...

I love Expedit! If they ever discontinue it, I'll have a mental break down. :) Thanks for the freebie list, as per usual!

Sue said...

You find such fun freebies! Thank you very much! :)

PinkPug,INK. said...

I love the Expedit cases! I have the 25 unit one diving my kitchen & living room (I live in a basement) & it's almost all filled with dvd's.

Thanks for finding the freebies! :)

thescrappywife said...

LOL! Good for you for getting the shelves put together and up! You sound like me in the book department. I think my book addiction is worse than my scrap addiction. I'll take a photo some time and send a link to you. A good portion of our shelves are ikea, too. I think they're billy, though. We have lots of the tall ones with the short ones stacked on top.