Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday’s Freebies

Thursday, only one more day to go till the weekend. I am so glad.
Look what starts tonight on the CW:

I hope it turns out to be good. I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know what to expect. I think Damon will turn out to be quite interesting ;-) Especially in this clip:

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Sarah G said...

You should definitely read the books for Vampire Diaries. They are entertaining!
Thanks for all the hard awork you put into your site.

Tonya said...

I wonder if this new series is based on the books by L.J. Smith? If so, I read those in high school and LOVED them. Of course, that was several years ago...can't believe it would take that long to come out with a series! They really are good. I think it was those books that got me hooked on vampires!

By the way - you rock! Thanks for all the freebie hunting. You're my one stop shop!

Stephanie said...

You should definately read the books, the way the show is the looks are different then in the book. So definately read them, I think you'll love them and they are short.

Thank you for sharing all these great freebies

Kristine ♥ said...

Great list tonight Angie! Thanks! Also big thanks for spotlighting my freebie. You made my night!

Never heard of the vampire to check that out! Have a good night!!!

Keitha said...

Thanks so much for all the freebies. I wasn't to impressed with the show tonight. Hope it get better as it goes along.

Nolwenn said...

hehe I read the first four books (waiting for the last one, that groups book 5 & book 6 to be available at the librairy). And... i think the serie would be quite disapointing for those who have read the books (Elena is supposed to be a blonde with blue eyes girl, she has a sister and not a brother, Bonnie is red-haired and from Druids descendance and so on). I really wonder why they changed so important things (because yes, they are important in the books)...
But can't wait to see it tonight :D

Day said...

Hi Angie, great stuff today! I have a free kit on my blog for a couple of days :)

Crystal said...

The books are good. I've read them twice now. There are lots of variations from the book compared to the show, but can't to see it tonight! Thanks for the awesome freebies.

Stefani M. said...

Thanks for all you put in to your posts everyday! So appreciated!

I've got a new template freebie on my site tomorrow

RebeccaB said...

Wow, thanks heaps for posting my freebie today, I feel extra special now!!!
and i hope your finger is ok now, so you can keep clicking away...

Sue said...

Ooooo! Lots of goodies today! Thank you very much! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the freebie hunting you do! And thanks so much for listing mine! Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Haven't read this series of books yet.. but I do plan on it now. Caught the first episode and found it entertaining, even though it seems geared to teens. It's vampy .. so it's all good. lol

Thanks for the links! :)


Tiger Lily's Digis said...

I haven't read the books, but did watch the show last night. I was intruged and it did get my attention. I will watch again next week.

Thanks so much for picking up my freebie!

Binty said...

thanks for all the freebie hunts today :). they all are awesome! i have put a new template on my blog :
if u have time, please do check it out. thanks :)
I did see Vampire Diaries, i liked it and I liked Damon a lot ! :)

Valerie said...

Thanks for the great finds!!! I couldnt do it with out you! LOL...I have a slew of new freebies on my blog if you are interested....

thanks for looking

Much love

Rose said...

Lol, I just bought the first two books, I saw the premiere last night and it looks like a show I could easily get addicted to, and unlike Twilight, I can always look forward to the next episode lol A year in between waiting for New Moon is just TOO LONG!!

kizgold said...

I am going to start Vampire diaries as soon a I finish my sookie stackhouse books. Almost there. Liked the show and loved it being on Thursday! Vampires and the Supernatural. Dean & Sam, someone pinch me!