Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday’s Freebies

Wow, I sure got some surprising comments yesterday. I didn’t even cross to my mind, that my last post could trigger that kind of negative reactions. Truly, not once did I see that possibility. That is totally my fault, I have been known to have the tendency to project my way of thinking on other people. That’s why something like that always takes my be surprise. I have always been very tolerant of other ways of life and believe that everybody is entitle to their opinion. For me that means if someone is different from me or believes in different things, that I am fine with that as long as they are. I state my opinion and accept theirs.
I decided a while back that this being my blog, it should reflect on who I am at times. If I feel like spilling my guts I will, and if I feel like writing without my mind filter in place, I will do so. I once told you I swear like a trooper, and that was not an exaggeration. Of course I would never do so in Damien’s presence (only once did I slip in 4 years and even then, being the quick thinker that I am, I managed to get a “fudge” out), but I advise to never make me angry. Sgt. Foley from Officer and Gentleman can pick up a thing or two from me. Just ask Chris.
Have you ever seem the classic Monty Python clip about the word fuck? Well, I can say I have used the word in every way displayed and also in some more creative ways. I love and live that clip. Here it is incase you don’t know it:

Which once again prompts me to say, if you don’t like my house, don’t visit. If you feel the need to bitch about not liking my house, I would really appreciate if you do that on your own turf. This is MINE.
While moments like these on the one hand really piss me off, on the other hand show me how very many great people are out there. You may not share my opinion, but you tolerate it. (Love you Sue)That is all I’m asking. So, thank you for leaving so very many cool comments and for being so loyal and supportive. It means a lot to me. And I love you for it. That is really why I continue doing this every evening even though I hardly scrap anymore.
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess
PS. I know I promised a shitload of freebies yesterday, but have had a splitting headache all day (even had to stay home from work because of it) and don’t feel up to it. So, more tomorrow. Enjoy :-)

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Anonymous said...

I am only anonymous because I am too lazy to set up another "fucking" internet account. I am JEANNIE PHILLIPS. By the way, it is truly an incredibly versatile and in college many moons ago, our English professor spent an entire class period discussing the word, its origins and its versatility. My son is heading off to start high school today and I will certainly share the Monty Python clip with him to get his English mojo started with a bit of humor.

I, for one, love the freebies posted everyday that allow me to be lazy and do a little "shopping: without impacting the wallet. So, you rock girl!!!! Thank you , thank you, thank you for all you do!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Oops meant to say an "incredibly versatile WORD". THat is what happens when I don't preview.

Anonymous said...

I didn't post a comment on your previous post, though I loughed MAO! I like your blog and really appreciate your work.
It piss me off when people judge so easily and have only negative things to say. But there are many of them out there, get used to it!
And btw, the new ikea catalogue is out! I can't wait to study it! :)

Anonymous said...

I just read your post and comments from yesterday. You ROCK. With regard to those who critisized you - people should grow up, stop being narrow minded and self righteous and realise that "their way" is not the only way. They strike me as very unpleasant people. I don't approve of their negative comments and would like to delete THEM for attempting to kick you when you already felt down. I say attempt because it's more like cutting their noses off to spite their faces - they LOSE you don't. Long may you continue and THANK YOU. Katherine (England)

LovetoScrapLeslie said...

Thank you for posting freebies even when your tired! Can't thank you enough (love your site).


jax said...

heheh...it never ceases to amaze me when people comment, luckily you get alot of positive comments to offset the few negatives, (man, some peoples' children) and yah...its your blog u say what u want!! :D
I love ur BLOG and all the awesome freebies you have on here. I look forward to checking out whats new everyday :)

Dee said...

Whatever you do, JUST STAY YOU!! I am a relatively new follower, but I wish I'd found you sooner :-) This clip today is one I used to have but can't find any more, but you've resurrected it for me . . . so THANKS! You already do so much by shopping for us, and now we can come to you for "culture" as well. Phooey on anybody who doesn't like it . . . they don't have to come here!!

JoAnn Stringer said...

Hey, Angie, the only thing that bothered me is, why Eric? I'm still routing for Bill!!!!

I haven't scrapped anything in ages except for my Photo a Day with W&W Life 365 system but I do stop by and take a look at the freebies for inspiration.

Esther Andrews said...

Yes, well, those 'other' people are too noisy.
Anyhow, what mad me the saddest was your comment that you hardly scrap any more. I often hoped that in all this search for freebies you got to use them. I figured you must have almost had your fill of freebies by now. But I didn't realize you hardly even scrap any more!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Say whatever you want, however you want! It's not my language or my personality, but it's yours and I appreciate it as it is. You Go Girl!

Thank you for all you do with your freebie lists and inspirations!

Kristine ♥ said...

Hi Angie!

It always boggles my mind when blog readers feel they "own" the blogger and should have a say on what the blogger feels or says. Absolute horseshit if you ask me. I swear like a trucker myself but far be it for me to tell someone how to talk or what to feel on their blog. If they did it to me (and the buggers have), I'd be pissed off and shouting from the rooftops...more than likely blistering their ears with F Bombs.LOL People get their panties in a wad over the stupidest things..

Keep up the great work girl and keep being yourself. There are enough problems with the planet because others can't handle people being themselves.

Great clip! You made my night as I'm a Monty Python whore!!!!

Sorry for swearing on your blog...(no I'm not..ROFL)

Have a great night!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeahh, we'll do that on my turf while you surf on others and dip and pick their's. Hello????

Lisa Newhouse said...

Great response to the comments from yesterday. I appreciate you and am so glad you are back after your holiday! Thank you for your site!


Lori Jensen said...

I love your blog and have found so many more stores and designers because of you. It doesn't matter what you say - I'll be back over and over. Thank you so much for everything you do - I really appreciate it.

Lori T. said...

You're a rock star no matter what. Don't change a thing!

Susan said...

You're my kid of girl!!! Rock on.

Oh and, btw, thank you for all the freebies. Just found your site and have a lot to go through.

LMAO over the kerfluffle about the quote. Damn! He can say that to me ANYTIME! Please! Honest! Anytime! Please?

Ari said...

I love your blog, it saved my time and my mood on a daily basis.
But I also like you (a little as I can say, not knowing you in real life). You are funny and free and full of life.
Tolerance it's a difficult thing for those who restrain them selfs in so much rules that they can't allow anyone to be different.
I want to thank you for the time you spent for sharing your findings.
Ciao, Ari

Terri said...

I have never posted a comment before, so shame on me. First, thanks for all the freebies. You are an amazing person for keeping up with this! Thanks for all that you do.

Second, I happen to love that word and use it all the time. I try not to use it too often on here because I do have some church friends who check in. NOT that they don't know I use it. I just try to be careful.

Third, shame on ANYONE who judges. That pisses me off. I agree, stay at your house and play if you don't like what I say. I have said it on more than one occassion, and I'll say it again. I am too old to give a shit what anyone thinks about my mouth. That includes my mother. I have a potty mouth, and I don't care. I quite like it. It's better than doing drugs or many other awful things I can think of.

So keep doing what you're doing and tell those others to piss in their own pot.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say welcome back!! I really missed you during your holidays, but I'm glad that you had a great time. We all deserve to kick up our heels sometimes. I wish my dh and I could spend that much time together, our holidays always seem so short!

Second, I appreciate your honesty and how you come across as a real person. I love the freebies, but over this past year, I've also gotten to know you a bit from your posts, which is nice. I'm so sorry that some found it necessary to comment on your quote. If they don't like your style, they don't have to come. You are giving of your own time, what more can we ask for? This is your space, keep making it real :)

thank you for all you do! Oh, and I use anonymous b/c I don't have a blog or an account. But, I always sign my name. And thanks for the Monty Python video, great laugh!

Cher said...

Thanks for posting---i know it's hard...I have such a hard time keeping up on my blog lately, especially when comments are few and I think my followers are just there to get the goods and leave...(without much appreciation). Just want you to know how much I appreciate you posting these freebies! I WILL be back. :)

iamb said...

Oh Angie, Angie Angie,haha when I read your post yesterday I knew the proverbial 'shit' would hit the fan. It's laughable, the negative posters, THEY are being rude and allow themselves to be. Would they come in your home and act that way? They are hiding behind their computer screen. yea, if you don't like it, excuse your self and move along, buh bye
You don't insult someone in their home when you've come to get free cookies. Angie, you're a gem, thanks for all you do, you keep it fun and I am glad you have the presence of mind to be able answer them with calm practicality. Coolness :)

Kelly said...

I totally agree with everything you said. It's your blog, so it's your opinion. Don't like, don't visit.

If everyone could just be a bit more tolerant of each other view, wouldn't it be a much better world.

I love your site and visit everyday
Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Got a tickle out of your Monty Python vid...thanks!!


Anonymous said...

You go girlfriend!!! I didn't even give your post a second thought (except, wow, I know exactly how she feels!). Love love love your sight. I look forward to checking it everyday!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the great freebies finds. They're always appreciated--especially when you've had a headache all day!

Danielle said...

I just wanted to say thank you for posting the freebies I come to your site everyday to get them and it saves me a ton of time having it all in one place

I too do not scrap much but still collect just incase I have free time to scrap - I am just a little more choosy now with the freebies I down load since I do not use them all the time.

thank you for all your work

Liz said...

Hey Angie! I don't really care what you say, or what kind of language you use.....I'm just soooooooo happy to see you back to freebie hunting! I didn't realize that this blog has become an integral part of my day! I applaud you for all you do, and your dedication. You go ahead and express yourself in whatever way you want (lol, next time write it in French, they'll all think it's romantic :D) )

Binty said...

wow already 26 comments :).. lol.. loved the clip .. its too f'kin funny :) ROFL :). my hubby is going to laugh his f'kin head off when he sees this :). thanks for this :)
and thanks for all the freebies u found for us in-spite of the headache. and thanks for featuring my freebie too :)

April said...

thanks for all your work, Angie! I don't love the foul language, but when I see it, it's just my cue to skip the words and go right to the pics :) Most adults with half a brain can figure that out. Thanks again!

Cara said...

I love when you swear in your posts, because I've got a foul mouth myself, and it makes your posts seem real, instead of everything being "sweetness and light" all the time like almost all the other blogs I read!

Plus, you have great taste in FF! ;)

Thanks for all the freebie hunting!

Susie and Cody said...

Seriously if someone doesn't want to come back because of one post that's their deal. I don't understand why they feel the need to tell you that they 'disaprove and they won't be back' it's not going to hurt you any.

Also, You started off with true blood and people should know that anything to do with that is probably going to contain that kind of language. Hello it's an HBO show. They could've skipped over it.

I think you handled it all well in this post!

p.s. if any of you want to get into true blood but don't want the language and nudity, the synopises (sp?) on the HBO website are an ok alternative.

JamWest1007 said...

Hey Angie!

Wow, it's amazing how much emotion one little word can stir up, isn't it? I for one love that you don't feel the need to edit yourself as you write. As much as I love and appreciate the freebies, I am as likely as not to stop by just to read what you have to say and head on my way. Visiting your "house" is a bit like stopping in for a quick laugh with a friend. I hope that never changes. :-)

And "Thanks!" for the Monty Python clip...LOVE it!

Karin said...

You are making me want to find the True Blood books. My hubby and I started to watch the show, but somehow or other, we managed to miss most of it.

I'm sorry you have a headache; must be the whining from the self righteous, it can really get to you like that, LOL. I hope you feel better soon.

I haven't watched the clip yet, but do have a funny story about the "C" word, let me know if you want to hear it :)

Xandra said...

I must say, that after ready this post I had to go back and read all the comments from yesterday...I will bet anyone $100 that over half of those people (if not all)that said they were leaving your blog, will be back, your selection of freebies is beyond superb, I don't use any of the other freebie sites anymore the quality isn't what you find right here!
I appreciate everything you do, and as a designer let me tell you how pumped I and the ladies at my store get when we see you have posted something by us!
So what if you said it, everyone says it, what with the nice fa sound and the strong ck there really is nothing else like it.
Again thank you for everything you do!

lib said...

You are absolutely correct--this is your blog. I admire not only the content but the unfiltered views. Coupled with this is the knowledge of the work and commitment that goes into collecting the daily "goodies" even when your are bone tired and have a headache.

What this world needs is more tolerance. Your critics need to get their big girl panties on and get over it!

You're the best, keep on blogging.

k said...

I love you! Thanks for the freebie hunt, and I love your philosophy re: keeping your blog yours! Hope you get some rest!!

Amy said...

Kudos to you for standing firm in your choices! I love love love your blog. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it. Hope an early turn-in helped the headache. We love you!

kicksmom said...

Thanks for all your hard work finding the freebies. You go right ahead and use your blog as you want it. Behind you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you ROCK! I look forward to visiting your blog every day. Thanks a bunch for everything and keep choosing happy!
:) Marie

HelenaK said...

I loved the Eric quote. It's one of my favorites too. I have to say, Eric has grown on me. I can totally see Alex as goddamn hot. Yummy!! :)

Marissa (Mexico) said...

I really don't see what was the "fucking" problem, haha... I too swear a lot when I'm stressed and it helps me to cool down and it also helps me express myself. So, I'm glad you can express yourself freely, cause as you pointed out before: it is your blog, your home. So good for you girl!
We all visit you cuz we like you and you help us find nice and free scrapping stuff.
ps. hope you had pleasant dreams about Erik anyway ;)

By Becca said...

Thanks for including my freebie today Angie!

And FWIW, I love me some Eric Northman, too. ;)

Renee from Canada said...

Looks like a lotta people came back. I love reading your blog. I still collect some of the freebies 'just in case' because right now I can't seem to get into the scrapping frame of mind. But most of all, I just enjoy reading your comments and I like the fact that you've been showing a lot more of your own personality. I get that some people were offended and won't be back. That's their right. When comments are enabled, you have to take the negative with the positive, but don't let it change who you are.

Now I have to figure out how Rebecca signed her name without having a google account.

Renee from Canada

Diane said...

I read your post yesterday but didn't think much about it until I read your comments today. I visit your blog just about everyday because you are kind enough to take the time to search out all the GOOD digi freebies and share with us where to find them. It's not my place to judge you one way or another - I, like you, believe that everyone has the right to express themselves as they see fit. Thanks again for taking the time to share.

Anonymous said...

Angie, first I'm glad you're back. I had missed your posts when you were on vacation! You are the one who got me started watching True Blood, thank you for that.

Also, anyone who has read your blog daily knows you don't constantly make posts like that! I personally will continue to visit your house, LOL

I'm sorry you don't scrap much anymore, but I'm thankful for all your hard work and greatly appreciate it!! More people should be thanking you instead of complaining about one stinking post you made. This is after all your blog and you can say whatever you want!

I hope your headache goes away soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Im a huge fan of yours and a Monty nutter, unfortunate I havent taken to True Blood - although my sister keeps trying :o) - my only problem is to remember different timezones - Im browsing your blog early arvo here - having a chuckle and I hear a snigger behind me and Miss 9 is reading over my shoulder. We had just recently had this whole big discussion about how people who swear have nothing good to say - big blush!!!! We are now on a discussion on why its incredibly bad manners to read over others shoulders ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Seems I missed a lot yesterday !! I had to leave a message after seeing what the situation was all about.
First, sorry for not showing more my appreciation but you are and will be my number one freebie link whatever is written on your blog I always enjoyed until now so I don't imagine it's going to change any time soon. Your are honest and true to yourself and we were warned LoL many times.
I'm watching True Blood too and reading you make me wanna read the books too.
I Love what you do for us and am thankful everyday. Keep up the good work and be true to yourself !!! Yeah !!

Ang said...

You rock! The fact that you take your time to share these goodies with us. Your humor, originality and honesty is all good and I appreciate it all!

I LOVE THAT YOU DIDN'T APOLOGIZE. Thank you for that. I can't explain why I feel that way - it would be too long a post. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fortitude! Im a big fan of yours and wont stop being a fan! Keep it up


Mom of Three said...

love ya, say fuck all you want

Anonymous said...

I love your reply today - we are guests of your blog that you so gracously give your time to. I wish I felt as comfortable expressing my desires :)
Keep being true to yourself and the rest can go _____________.

Carla said...

I just read all of the comments from yesterday and today. I have to agree with a few of the people. (I didn't post a comment on the last post - but I'm sure glad you brought it to everyone's attention)

First and foremost - no one has the right to criticize you in your own "house". And they are doing it in the name of being "self righteous". Which if they truly were - would have deleted your blog from their lists without making stupid comments. I too am not a fan of swearing and don't swear at all - but to each his own. And the thing that gets me - is that you don't swear that much on your blog. So why would anyone have to say anything!

I don't think less of people that do swear and would never criticize you in this manner. I am no better than anyone else because I don't swear. (Which by the way, I think those who criticized you were trying to make themselves feel better - poor souls)

You have nothing to be sorry for - you are being yourself! Don't apologize - you are a very kind, generous person! Don't stop being you! :)

(I too haven't set up a google account, lol)

maria said...

Thanks for the video, that is HI-larious! :D You're absolutely right about this being your blog, your home. And you're such a giving, welcoming host, you don't deserve being treated badly. Hopefully this won't stop you from freebie hunting coz if you do I'm gonna hunt those self-righteous bunch and smack 'em :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Mish and I don't have a blog or a google, so therefore anonymous. I am on mat leave this year and vowed not to spend any money on digi supplies while the money is tight. This blog has literally saved my mind on more than one occassion and I am so greatful! Thank-you for allowing me to be creative with zero budget!

You and you sailor mouth are welcome in my house anytime! Keep being you as loud as you can be!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie;

so yesterday i had a "fucking" shitty day and had no time to stop by. reading you comment today I was intrigued... what could you have said that got people upset?

so then i read yesterday's entry. oh maaaan... people got all upset about a few swear words? can't believe it. I think you are absolutely right... this is your house, they can go and bitch on their own turf, not yours. be yourself!

and while i'm here... did you see that ikea changed their font??
read this:

your canadian fan.

Kimberly Lynne Rohn Wresh said...

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

One of my favorite quotes.

Anyway Angie - let it roll. If that is how you felt, that is how you felt. I thing those of us (yes I include myself) that might not actually type those words can certainly relate to them. Just because folks don't say things out loud doesn't mean they don't think them ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the clip but it's not Monty Python.

Marie said...

Fuck is the best word EVER!! It covers everything. Love it, love it, love it. It's fan-fucking-tastic. lol

I'm sorry you had negative responses. No matter what they are ever about, they are always distressing.

At any rate, I admire your generosity and the work you put into this blog. It is clear that most of the time you are absolutely clean as a whistle. The occasional vulgarity is not going to carry us off on the highway to hell. I am relatively certain that even Jesus let 'shit' slip out if He stubbed His Divine toe in those awful sandals. They didn't offer much protection after all. lol


Anonymous said...

I really LOVE your site even though I rarey have time to scrap anymore. You do a great job of finding freebies!

I can't believe the gian BALLS some people have to complain about how you speak on your own blog. They need to grow up. It's just a word. I too have a colorful vocabulary and despite what many of the prudes think, it's not because I'm illiterate. I have an English degree!

BTW, is English your native language? You speak English as well as any American I know.

Thanks again for all your hard work.


Robin said...

Keep doing what you do! It is completely refreshing to find someone honest AND seems to enjoy life! I LOVED the "fucking" clip! Great job and thank you for all of your hard work and sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

I say its YOUR blog, say whatever the hell you want to. People are idiots.
Melissa Hula
aka rainbowkitty

Anonymous said...

Hey, Fuck 'em if they can't handle a "bad" word. ; )

Angie said...

So, I stopped by yesterday and read your post. At first I sat there with my jaw in my lap and thought to myself...."There's no way she wrote that.....Someone must have hacked into her account!" Then I thought, wow what are people going to say? So, I scrolled down to see if there were any comments, but there weren't. I thought, I come here every day and always this women is sweet and so nice, she couldn't possibly write that. Today I took a peek and saw over 50 comment, read through a few and I say CHEERS! It's is YOUR blog and you say what you want to, I'll be back tomorrow and the next day and the next day! I got one heck of a shock though, too funny! Thanks for being you....human.

Kat said...

I have loved our little insights into who Angie really is over the past few months. I thought yesterday's post was hilarious (and tonight's too). I look forward to more ;-)

kmillionar said...

I was introduced to your blog when I started digi-scrapping 2 years ago and have been a loyal follower ever since! I LOVE reading your blog, and the freebies are great...THANK YOU! You keep doing what your doing...Your da BOMB!


Anonymous said...

Oops. I mean some people have GIANT balls.


Diane said...

Didn't think that yesterday's post was a big deal til I came to check out todays. It still amazes me the gall of some people. So you actually said fuck. Big deal.....people say it, people do it. And I'd bet almost a hundred to one that some of the people who got upset were the first to bitch about the fact that you actually took a vacation and weren't here to pull out the best of best for us. I know that I don't often leave a comment, or often enough to thank you for the great service you do for not only the scrappers but the designers (I always noticed mega more hits when I made your blog, when I was designing); so I'll jump on the bandwagon here in support....That and the fact that this is long enough to qualify for my blog post for the month. lol

Have a wonderful day....Stay true to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie, you are the best, you are you and we out here in the digi world love you because you are so honest, and funny !! Be you and dont let the narrow minded people bother you.
I love reading your blog and what you have been up to, it always puts a smile on my face..

Besides for leaving a 'thank you', I dont normally comment, but had to this time, as you are the BEST!

Like someone else asked, why Eric and not Bill?

Hugs from Australia

Sammi b
ps - I am just too lazy & busy to open a google account, but it is on my list of things to do..

Leah said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, and thanks for all the freebie-gathering you do.


arenee said...

I hope you can feel the love....
Most of us are really glad to have someone that is real and has a real life and isn't blowing air up our ass for their own personal agenda.....

Thanks for all you do

Anonymous said...

{{{{hugs}}}} Hope your head feels better soon, and that things at work will improve.

I was going to ask about your story link, but I finally looked at your sidebar and found it, lol. DUH! I'll be checking it out soon.

With regard to your language, I don't understand what all the flack is about it. No one is obligated to read it. Period. If there is something in a book or a TV show, don't they just skip it? Do they write a letter to the authors? Don't think so. The end result of all this is that it got *more* attention. So, really, I'm still puzzled...

Tandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...

Keep being you, Angie! I visit your blog almost daily and am amazed that you take the time to do what you do, sharing so freely of your time. I think you are funny and fresh and don't give it a second thought when you occasionally curse on your blog as we were all warned up front and I am a fellow "sailor" and supernatural romance fan. Anyhoo, thank you again and I so hope your headache is not from those rude comments and you don't give them another thought.

Tracy S said...

I don't comment normally (I actually didn't know how to) but I LOVE your blog. You are funny as hell.

I appreciate your postings and am glad that someone is hunting down these great freebies. The freebies you pick are ones that I actually use.

I also have to agree with Eric. At first I was not so sure - I was rooting for Bill but now all I can think of is Eric.

Thanks again.

Nancy said...

LOL had to go back to read. Any one with half a brain that went to read the links to the Twiporn and SookiePorn would not be shocked by that at all. C'mon people, take your freebies say thanks and leave.

As for me, if I'm not feeling like I want to read what you wrote, then I just look at freebies. But there are days that I just want a little laugh and if the the f word is in it, well, I'll admit to a bit of a wide eyed look for a sec, but then, 'eh nothing I haven't seen before, move on.

Keep on doing whatcha do. thanks for it.

Nancy said...

PS Team Eric. Eric is for real women.

Randi said...

I'm with the other 90% of people in saying: It's your blog, your business. Thank you so much for the freebie hunts, there are SO MANY of us out here who are nothing but appreciative. I cuss like a sailor and would kill to be a Bom Temps, LA resident. I personally have a thing for that Stackhouse boy, I like 'em sexy and stupid :)
You go, girl!

Pink Granite said...

As I was reading through yesterday and today's comments, I suddenly remembered this recent situation over on another blog:
Susannah is lovely and you might enjoy reading about what happened to her.
- Lee

Anonymous said...

I had to go back and read what could have been so "offensive". :) Guess I've been reading SOooo much fanfic lately, I'm barely fased anymore. Thanks for letting me into your "turf", and being my one-stop scrapping mall. It never ceases to amaze me how similar we are. Bet we could be friends!

But, I agree with anonymous. No fucking more fucking internet accounts. Can't fucking remember all the shitty passwords! But my name is Rebecca. Yes, my REAL name. Thanks for taking anonymous comments! I only use it cuz I'm lazy.

Jen said...

WOW. I read your post yesterday and it wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but I didn't think much about it and didn't comment. Now I visit you again and apparently I missed the earthquake!!! I think Sue said it very well yesterday.

You do an amazing job on this blog. Thanks.

Debbi said...

I am so shocked that this caused a problem! Some folks need to get a life. I'm always surprised when folks choose to get involved with someone else's life like that. Don't we all have enough to handle in our own little existences? I know I do and being able to visit your blog is a release to me. Big threat that they won't be taking advantage of your generosity any more. Ooooohhh, scary! When folks choose to read your "diary" they should be thankful that you choose to share yourself so openly. I know I am. I only wish I would have said so more often. How sad that it took such mean spirited folks to urge me to write. I do follow your blog almost every day and missed you while you were on vacation. I thank you for searching for freebies for us. You're the greatest...but you didn't need me to tell you that. Thanks again and again. -Debbi

redjudesigns said...

Angie, your language doesn't offend me, I think you are funny!
Thanks a lot for the freebies lists.

Anonymous said...

Well Angie, you have to keep in mind that people like Jessica Sprague recommend your blog highly, as do a lot of others. Yup she put you in her Monday email. Would she recommend your blog if she knew you have vulgar tendencies?
With that said, since this blog is about scrapbooking and not about your personal quirks and fantasies, perhaps you should set up a fourth blog where you can cuss and share your nightmares all you want without offending those who not only don't take kindly to this kind of language but also those who will not tolerate it.

Aim Aug said...

Love your blog and very much appreciate all the hard work you do for the rest of us! You rock!

However, if that language isn't good enough for your son to hear, why is it good enough for you? You deserve better.

Anonymous said...

OMG when will some people get a life? Angie I am standing up and applauding you for your brilliant come back to all those out there with their negative comments. Thank you so much for all the fantastic work you do and for being yourself. Karen

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that people are so uptight about language and the words you may or may not use. It's absurd.

I swear like a trooper too and my child hasn't been effected by that. She just rolls her eyes when I do.

I'm not a "bad" person for using so called "bad" language. I don't have a limited vocabulary either, contrary to some people's beliefs.

I just wish those sanctimonious people would go away and stop preaching. They aren't better, they just think they are.

Keep it up Angie.

Anonymous said...

I Loooooooove this fucking great clip! *lol*
ok I am from german, and a while ago I was a little taken back by so many fuck words in the fanfictions - but get used to this and a look in the dictionary is similar what the clip says - so *..*

I love the blog - Iam visiting daily - because of the freebies, but more important is now your information about twilight , fanfictions, and more important now true blood.
because of you I downloaded the season1 and the upcoming episodes and my hubby and I are now big big fans.
And I love love love the quote from eric!
love your blog and be who you are


I am anonymous because I don´t have a blog anymore

Anonymous said...

Just leaving a little more luv and support tonight. Your reply to the nuttiness last night was awesome!! haha

Oh and I am still believing your traffic wont suffer one bit. Self righteous blowhards... errrgh.....

Thanks for the laughs and giftie links. ;)


Sabine said...

Ask any teacher and I am sure they will tell you they hear more than once a day the kids use "f**k" ... and many other words like that one.

Angie, you are the one living in the real life, don't take care of these silly comments and just stay as you are. This is just the way we like you :)

jasjul said...

Hi Angie, don't let them get you down, I love the fact that you say what you think and if others don't like it well, no one forces them to come to your blog and they are the ones who miss out - who needs them. Keep on being you!

SugarKitties said...

You think people come here to read your clever and witty writing? Come on.....I'm sure your hits have gone down already since the goods have been nil to nada lately.
Those people who are defending you and saying how much they love you and you can talk however you want? I'd LOVE to see how long they would hang around were you to stop posting freebies altogether.
People who say they curse like sailors but don't do it in front of their children are liars. You don't swig beer or smoke pot of watch R rated movies with your kid around either do you? Gee that doesn't leave you much "adult" time if you are so pure, pffft.
What got me was your whole blather about how you respect others opinions etc bla bla bla.
Apparently only when they do not conflict with YOURS eh?
If this were a blog strictly devoted to your ramblings and opinions sure I can see the whole "like it or don't read it" attitude.
But there are a TON of scrappers who are obviously more family oriented than you and you really do not expect to see the kind of language on a site about scrapping materials.
I was really disappointed however in what the poster "Rebecca" said and that is that she knew who she was talking to after your political rant. Not all Christians are Republicans Rebecca and you'll just have to live with that.
That said your freebies aren't worth the fact that you get more and more offensive every day and there are several other freebie sites out there. You really should just have a penis attached and grow a mustache.

Melita said...

Good on you for being your self! Bugger the lot of them I say!

Thanks for all the freebie work ou do - you rock girl!

Rose said...

Wow, you sure know how to stir the pot!! lol I've seen that clip before but didn't realize it was Monty Python, too funny. I worked with a bunch of truckers and swear like one sometimes too. Thanks as always for the freebies :)

Carolyn said...

oh man, too fucking funny this whole thing! Missed a few days, read what you said and thought "what could she have said?" Wow. Really? Upset about a stupid word! Well, Fuck em. Anyway, LOVED the video! Sooo funny! See it really is a very versatile word! I use it in a variety of ways myself.
Thanks for your freebie hunting and also for the love for my favorite place too, IKEA! I dont gather as much freebies anymore, been doing this since early 2005, but like to see what others are up to anyway. Enjoy your Day!! :)

Anonymous said...

SugarKitties - my, my, my, you sure do preach from the pulpit, don't you? The ones collecting freebies don't read. Get real! They check out the previews, click on the links and are gone.

As for the whole family oriented site crap; people need to stop throwing that in there. It's lame and irrelevant.

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Well spoken, and I still love your blog !! And that clip is so fucking hilarious LOL Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Oh Sugarkitties GO AWAY. You are so high and mighty that it makes me want to scream. I imagine you to be some sort of holier than thou person who believes themselves to be a Christian but yet exhibits none of the true qualities that that description deserves. How DARE you imply that you are more family orientated than those who swear - that is outrageous.... I am greatly offended by YOU.
IkeaGoddess IS great, she is funny, she is kind and long may she continue.

Scrapcoco said...

Just want to say thank you for your research about freebies, I come from time to time, and I appreciate your freebies lists !

kathymack56 said...

Angie, I am dismayed to hear that folks gave you grief for your post the other day. I am so sorry that happened to you. I love reading your blog and hearing about your life, plus the goodies. I'm not a tv fan but you've almost gotten me to the point of catching an episode of True Blood. I certainly appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel

Thanks once again for the freebies....

I read your blog each day, and honestly amnot too sure what the big fuss is all about, so you used the dreaded "f" word..

Who the FUCK cares?

If those pretencious arseholes really admitted it to themselves, they use the word too....

I loved the quote, and wish someone would make it into a word art, i for one can think of a number of pages to scrap with it.....

Keep up the good work

Joanne Ceronio
South Africa

Just Tink said...

i for one love your blog. tyhe freebies are great and i love reading your thoughts and shared intrests. if people don't like what they read on there, they don't have to read it. it is after all YOUR blog!
you go girl!

Karen Darmanie said...

You go girl !!!!
I LOVE your blog !!!
And I couldn't live without it !!!
Keep up the good work !!!
Ignore the haters !!

and.....GO ERIC !!!!!!

Mara said...

I haven't been reading your blog long, but I just have to say, You go girl!
You are awesome to go freebie hunting for all of us and I'll come visit your house here no matter what you say.
You know who you are.

Denise said...

HUH!! WOW!! I read your last blog post, got a chuckle out of it and moved on. This is your blog and you can say whatever you want. You rock girlfriend!

Confessions of a Modern June said...

WOW!!! I read the blog yesterday and laughed my ass off because I am a die hard eric fan both show and books. I thought it was funny.

My goodness who knew a fictional character and his dialogue would piss so many people off! I highly doubt that those who said they wouldn't return really won't. You have one the best(and my personal fav) freebie blog out there thats why its so high on the list.

I think its one thing to be offended but why comment on the fact that you are offended and scold the blogger? You don't like it don't read but she's not a child she is a grown up using a grown up word....GET OVER IT!

Angie-love your blog and your writing and our mutual fictional love interest!

Anonymous said...

I say good riddance for those who cannot take the IkeaGoddess as she is. I think she has the right to do or say anything she wants as it is HER website. Take it or leave it, no big loss.

Angie, keep posting your thoughts and freebies. I'm for one will definitely be coming back to your site, again and again and again. :)


7E said...

What a lot of HOO HAA! I love that you are educated & opinionated. It's a BIG reason why your blog is such a great place to visit.

My very young orthopedic surgeon laughs at my FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK every time he examines my poor knee!Says he's never heard anything like it so I guess he's never been in a labour ward.

Keep being YOU Angie. You're AWESOME!!!

Numbbumm Sue

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

This is a terrific site. Thank you for all the great links. I don't know how you manage it with an outside job.

Hope you're feeling better today. :-D

"It's my house. If you don't like it, don't visit" is the perfect response. Good for you!

Mary said...

Don't stop being you Angie! Like you said, it's your site and if someone doesn't like what they read - oh well, skip right on down to the freebies and be on your way! And thanks for the Youtube clip - I laughed my fucking ass off!

Anonymous said...

I'm with the previous post about the anonymous comment, just to "fucking" lazy to open yet another account. I just wanted to say "GO GIRL". I found your website in January.. I have come to your site almost daily since. You and your searches have allowed me see all the beautiful items throughout the world from one safe location. Very slowly I have begun dabbling in scrap booking. I bring this up not because of the freebies but how much this has made a connection between all of my family members. We now look for photo ops where ever we go. The kids (I have 5 from 21 to 10 + 1 grand baby) give me a hard time about searching for freebies or why we need to take a pic of that. We joke and laugh all the time about it. They really got worried about me when you went on vacation. Like you I look because it relaxes me and I like all the eye candy. So please keep being your self, and thank you for all that you do. Jodie Brown

Pam said...

oh Angie, don't you worry about a few uptight Folks out there. I've had a few myself. I think they forget we are real people. this is a blog, not a mag or newspaper. Think what you want. Say what you feel...It's your space!

I think they should be greatful for the time you save them. I for one am greatful for the traffic you generate for me.

...I can say, I don't cuss so much anymore. I have teen aged boys. They do it for me. =)

I think "those" people are forgetting it's not our place to judge others, but to love them for who they are.

I love you, Angie =D

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say that I love your site and you are the only one I make time for! I love to read what going on with you wort's and all! Keep up the great work ♥

just Patty Anne said...

Maybe they like Bill better than Eric and that's what gets them upset...(no accounting for taste)
If you want to come see my house, Make an appointment. If you want to come see me, come anytime.
Fuck is not an obscenity. Obscenity is a 300 pound woman wearing tight lycra pants!
Keep on Rockin like you do!

Janet Lee said...

It's your "fucking" blog where you can say whatever you "fucking" want. If you are feeling "shitty" then you should express it. No one asked for parental controls.

I luv your freebies and your rants. Means your human and aren't we all?

Jessica said...

Even with 118 comments already, I'd be remiss to say "thanks" - not only for sharing the fruits of your freebie searching with us but also for putting up with the illogical comments you get once and awhile. Seriously, I wonder if people who grouse about things under these sort of circumstances that it is *actually possible* not to articulate there opinion?

It reminds me of a Fraiser episode (I'm a Fraiser addict) when Fraiser's dad says: "You remember that time when you convinced Niles [F's brother] that we were all a figment of his imagination?" Fraiser chuckles and says, "Yes...everytime he left the room he'd come running back in to make sure we hadn't disappeared."

Maybe they think if they don't express themselves, they don't exist. ;) At any rate, thanks!

Kimberly Lynne Rohn Wresh said...

Oh Sugar Kitties - please do shut up. I am sure you feel high and mighty that you responded with your "real name" and spewed all of your rhetoric.

If you have been reading Angie's blog for any amount of time you know that she is not adverse to using salty language. I am very much aware of the possibility that Angie is going to use profanity from time to time on her blog.

If you read her blog you also know she is a woman incredibly dedicated to her family, creating a home and traditions, and recording her families history.

We won't even get into how much she helps not only scrappers to scoop up the nicest freebies out there without running around like crazy...but designers too. I bet there are dozens and dozens of designers out there who owe their start and name recognition in part to Angie.

I think the fact that you commented about the blog having less to offer lately speaks volumes about what YOU think is owed to you. Guess what Sugar Kitties...no one owes you anything. Not freebies and not squeaky clean language on demand.

So she dropped an F-bomb and has a thing for vampires. I have been known to drop a bomb or two, maybe three and I jumped my husband after watching Twilight on pay per view.

Freaking get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts and not just for the freebies you list....I love to read but had not picked up the Charlaine Harris books. Thanks to your posts on True Blood - I decided I needed to see what the fuss was all about and now I'm hooked. Thanks for all you post. F bombs included.
Marci - Shreveport, Louisiana

Chedder Fish said...

Ahaha- You're getting twice as many "You're awesome" comments today to balance out all the people who forgot they were "in someone else's house" (I love the way you put it.)

I really hope you feel better! Thank you for what you contribute when you can!

LedaP said...

blog train freebie


Anonymous said...

I love your REAL comments about how you feel and its your blog say whatever you want. I just ordered the True blood HBO series season 1from Netflicks and I can't wait to watch them!!

Anonymous said...

Words do not define us. One of my best friends uses curse words in ways I could only dream of. To some she may sound crude and repulsive. They may not bother to take the time to learn the wonderful person that she is. How sad for them. They are missing out! My friend volunteers tirelessly around every bend. She sets up charity softball tournaments for crime victims and children with cancer. Every month she collects, tallies, and redeems hundreds of grocery receipts to benefit a police and firemen hero fund to aid families of the fallen. Is there a charity golf outing coming up? She will call and organize volunteers to work the event. This is merely an inkling of her tireless efforts.

I will take my cursing, sailor mouthed friend any day over those who are so narrow minded.

Stop seeing half the person people. The half you're missing is probably the best half.

jans said...

Love your site keep up the good work:)

Kiss Jans

Liz said...

Hey girl!
Well I guess you got everyone's fucking attention (lol)! Hope you got over your fucking headache (lmao). I think you have a great sense of humor, and the service you provide in finding freebies for us is incredible! I am so un-offended by this word as used in your blog, but I also have teenagers and they (especially my 18 yo son) are great believers in the F-bomb. Please don't change who you are, you're awesome, one of those people that I would truly like to meet in person. And as for those who chose to not come by here any more, well that's their fucking loss!!!!

Carrin said...

Love the clip and the freebies. Speak your mind, Angie!!! This is your own little corner of the web.

If you're interested, I posted a new freebie on my blog today at http://twinderlandscraps.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Ok, I post as anonymous but I always sign a "name" because I don't want to be confused with anyone else. I have a stalker that wants to see my baby die simply because my child is biracial. NOT letting' that bitch find me! Angie, I'll try to email ya... you'll remember me for a sec I think.

People need to grow TF up. Yeah, I used TF because that is the way I flow. If I were talking to you I'd case my audience, but I can't completely do that and it's just the way I roll. Call me chicken-shit, whatever!

Angie, you have the coolest blog on the planet and I sure wish that if you EVER decide to break away from 'us' again that you pass your scepter to one of us other foul thinking gals so that the community that loves you will live on and we can immortalize you! That was ROUGH not having your blog to come to when you were 'out' and I understand it but let there be no mistaking - there is nobody else like you around to come and get our fix with!

So many people are anonymous online because they make fake names and email addresses using their dog's name or their kid. Whatever... You won't find me commenting without having a tag to identify me with my last comment. Chicken-shit anonymous needs to shut up and give up!

I think those people are coming and getting freebies from you anyway and just bitching about it in comments... Who TF cares except maybe you will end up with an IP blocker just to spite the asswipes! You could also get a stats counter and start listing them if you wanted to!! Thatould be fun!

Stay cool Angie!!


Mara said...

Hi, I do not like this "fucking" language, we stopped it, when our children were born and I am not used to it anymore. But I like all your postings and the language you chose yesterday was no problem for me, it showed your mood and I am interested in your mood.
But when I saw the plenty of comments I just had to laugh otu loud because it was so obvious that there would be these "selbstgerechte" dont know the word in english ladies who would give a bad comment.

And I loved your comment today and thank you for the beautiful you tube movie, I did not know it, it is great.
So only today I go over my soul and wish you a fucking good evening. thank you very much

Jen M said...

I'm gone for a few days and find that swear words aren't allow on your own blog anymore! *rolls eyes*

Well bloody hell, aren't people a bunch of up-tight, self righteous asses! Do they not realize how ridiculous they sound!? Apparently not, cuz they just won't shut up!!

Hey Sweetheart - please oh PLEASE never censor yourself!! I love everything about you just the way you are! I say thank you every now and then, and I appreciate everything you do!! And I love the natural writing cuz it reminds us that you're a real person and not just some robot out to find freebies for everyone!

Oh and that quote from True Blood was OMFG sexy!! Made my heart race a little faster, lol :) I love that show!! Been wanting to read the books for a while now - will have to do that even though I swore I'd never get into another huge Vampire series :)

Okay - I'll hush!! Thank you SO much for all the freebie hunting you do! And just laugh at the idiots trying to tell YOU how to talk. Laughter has always worked on any bully/jerk/ass I've come across!

XOXO!!! ~Jen :)

InHouse said...

Hi... please bad people is all around and there is envidious of all you do and the kind of good life you have!!!
i know that kind of things can make you feel bad but may many of us always thanks for all you share!!
and i like so much reading your post! and how damian does!!..
a big hug from Colombia

Babybear Scraps said...

Holy lot of comments! As a True Blood lover, I was only offended by the fact that Eric wasn't here at my house ;)

I think you do a great job and have often wondered how long it takes you each day.

If you want to add even more to your work load, check out my new blog. I've only had two freebies so far but plan to offer a template each week and a QP every time one of my designers has a new kit. It's babybearscraps.blogspot.com.

InHouse said...

I just read the last coments and i need to add to my previous coment... This is YOUR PLACE!!! no one is force to come here and read... so keep doing and sharing all you feel or want!!.. THIS IS YOURS!
a big hug!


Robin said...

I admit, I was surprised to see something like that from a scrapbooking blog - only because the scrapbooking community seems so wholesome. But I did not in the slightest take offense and I myself have atrocious language sometimes. Are we not all adults here? Thanks for all the great freebies!

Valé said...

Great great blog !!!! Love it !!! I've a new free template on my blog here if you want

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and appreciate the work that you do. I am not one to use foul language often but I do agree that it is your blog so you have the right to express yourself any way you want! Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Hi, IkeaGoddes.

Your blog rocks.

I find language can be terribly offensive when it insults people, like using the word "retard" or any insult that steriotypes and alineates a group of people.

However, your post was not insulting to any one.

In my experience, people who are so intolerant with language are also incredibly intolerant towards human diversity and prone to use language that diacriminates and alineates other groups.

I myself have deleted many scrapping sites from my list of favorites because they sported a banner against gay marriage.

I'm a lesbian and this kind of attitude, with the legal situation that comes with it, forces me to be a second-rate citizen and strips my children of some of the most basic rights a child has to have.

You'll always be in my favorite list. I love digoscrapping, True Blood and the Sookie books, and even Ikea!

Lucia Moreno

Ang said...

I'm back. When I popped in to see if today's post was up I noticed that there were WAY more posts than yesterday so I read them all. LOL

Sugar Kitties... who knows if you'll bother to return to read the responses after your own but I just HAVE TO SAY... I used to curse like crazy. When I got pregnant I knew I didn't want to curse around my child but that it would take time to break me of my habit. So DH and I started reminding each other as we would slip up. It worked and after 10 years I've only had a slip or two that I've had to cover up for.

BUT away from my daughter, depending on the company I am with, I'm still the same swearer. It's some kind of automatic release. Sometimes on rough days, after our daughter is in bed my husband and I will just say, FUCK FUCK FUCK! Just to get it out! LOL

I AM NO LIAR - this is a TRUE story. So there!

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the comments, and had to add mine, as I was disturbed at a small number of very vitriolic comments. (The vast majority were highly supportive of Angie, as expected.)

We are all grownups and know there is a time and place for everything, including f-bombs. As grown-ups, we decide on that time and place in our own spaces. This is Angie's place, and she sets the rules. If she wants to talk about both vampire lit and scrapbooking freebies, she can. If she likes to show her personality through her language, she can. If you don't like it, please don't burden the rest of us with your negativity. Go play nicely with others, OK? Thank you.

a Canuck
(another one with no google account)

Sally said...

As a fledgling designer trying to get my designs out to the world, it totally MAKES my day when one of my freebies finds its way to your blog. Every time I pull up Google Reader and see one of my designs on your blog, I do a little chair dance of excitement. I can't thank you enough for the exposure that you give to designers who are just starting out and don't get a lot of traffic without your assistance. My blog hits triple and quadruple on days I hit your blog, so for that I say thank you, and the fact that you say FUCK is just an added bonus as far as I'm concerned because it makes you more real as a person, and I respect that. So thanks again, and don't let these moronic people get to you.

Jennifer Farley said...

You go girl!!! Just keep being you!

Courtney said...

I think Dr. Seuss said it best...
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Who could argue with such a wise man?
I too, catch myself dropping F-bombs more frequently than I probably should, but that is me take it or leave it! Who are any of these people to tell you what you should or should not say on YOUR blog, last time I checked you were providing a free service, so what the fuck is the problem? Keep on doing what you do, I know you do it for us. Kudos to you for finding your voice and refusing to silence it. Another quote I love and will share because it sounds like something you might like...

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention
of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming
"WOO HOO what a ride!"

Be well,

N.T. said...

I've been away from blogs for about 2 weeks now, so I'm a little late on reading these. But I just wanted to chime in my support. I will never understand why people feel the need to spout their venom on people's personal blogs. If you don't like it leave DUH! Aside from being rude/mean/hurtful to a stranger, why would they want to bring that attitude into their own lives? I don't get it.
I don't watch the Eric stuff you refer to, but have zero problem when you post your thoughts on it - why should I?
If it was your curse words, too bad. Suck it up or leave.
OK that's it. I appreciate what you bring so - THANK YOU!

jenifah said...

fuck those stupid fuckers and don't let them bother you. you have a great blog and i have never been offended. I didnt see anything wrong with your post until you mentioned the negative comments. if people don't like, then don't visit this site, but people can be so stupid and narrow-minded.