Friday, January 26, 2007

Crazy Freebie Friday

Are you ready to download?...well, you better have broadband, 'cause life is too short for 56k. On your mark, get ready, here goes:Maryse has part 4 of Sakura in Bloom out. You can still get the previous parts too. Get it all on her blog.
Ruby has part 2 of her Show the Love kit for you on her blog.
Antje has an add-on to her Chocolate Blossom kit on her blog.
Helena has a new kit called Crazy Passion on her blog.
Tanja has an Angry freebie on her blog.
Anita has a cute Circus Time kit on her blog.
Fandango has an Victorian Edge overlay at Digital Scrapbook Place.
Jamie Rousselle has a Hooped Quick Click template at Digital Scrapbook Place.
Luiza has a new kit called Amor Amor on her blog.

Pricilla has a set of 6x4 templates on her blog.
Kathryn Mhire has a mini-kit called In the Mood for Love at Digital Freebies.
Katie has great Doodled Paper Hearts for you here.
Sharon has a fabulous kit called School Daze on her blog.
Misty Cato has a page template for you on her blog.
Mary has some heart doodles on her blog.
Katie and Kirsty have a new kit called Just Misty Mocha (the pic just shows the elements, there are a bunch of papers not shown here that go with it). Get it here.
Tracy B has a fabulous template on her blog.
Michaele has some Delightful extras on her blog.

Seebee has some cute photo corners from her Dream Trip on her blog.
Amy W has a Valentine Doodle for you on her blog.
Mary has a nice little kit called Pinks and Pearls on her blog.
Amanda has some Pretty Shabby Frames on her blog.
Jennilyn has some awesome bent photo templates on her blog.
Toni Berman has a surprise ticket on her blog.
Jennifer has a template on her blog.
Traci Sims has the king to match her queen. Get it on her blog.
Carrie has some cute elements on her blog.

Ufff, can you believe the amount of freebies out there today? I think this is a new record. Enjoy.


Sarah said...

This is great! Thanks again for sharing!

Gail said...

Thank you for the great finds!

my2boys said...

awesome finds once again sweetz. thanks so much for sharing.
TracyB aka Jan, tehheheheheheh ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome work! thank you!!!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Oh my - here you are reminding everyone to leave some love for the designers and they seem to have forgotten to leave some for you! Please know that we ALL really appreciate all the time and work you put into this service you provide! Even if we sometimes forget to tell you. :(
Thanks tons!

jburkhart said... found a tons of finds! Thanks so very much for all the hard work and time you have taken to share all these lovely previews and links with us! They are great! Sure do appreciate it!
P.S. Thanks for including me on there, too!

Ilona said...

Since I found your blog (4 days ago or so) my HD has swamped... and I don't even download everything! Thanks, if we didn't have you, we'd miss out on lots of goodies :)

Ruby said...

There you go feeding our addition. You must have been writing this post when I stopped by a bit ago. Can you believe it! WOW! Thanks for doing the leg work.

LouAnn said...

Thank you for all the finds you post - I love checking one place each day. Your kindness in sharing is amazing!