Saturday, January 06, 2007

Twinkle Kit

Here it is, my first page kit - Twinkle.I split it up into 5 parts and you can get a new part each day.

Those of you who send me pages you have created with my kit (either leave the link and your e-mail address in the comments or send me an e-mail - my e-mail address is in the TOU), will receive a special glittering treat created by the beautiful and exceptionally talented Maryse Vincent. Here's a sneak peek:I'm looking forward to those layouts of yours.
You can download part 1 of the Twinkle kit here.


sabdesbois said...

Thank you for this new kit. It looks really great. :)

Nj0 said...

Thanks so much!I love the stars!

linnie-818 said...

This is such an incrediable kit. Thank you sooooo much for sharing it!