Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Template Tuesday freebies

Here are the freebies I found today:Ruby has two sensational freebies for you today: the first part of her Show the Love kit and an A-template. Get them both here.
Cindy has 3 cute ABC pins on her blog.
CIA has a new kit for you called Delicate Kitchen. Grab it here.
Misty Cato has a new mini paper kit on her blog.
Doris Castle has handwritten Letter Cards on her blog.
Traci Sims has a Queen of Hearts card here.
Bad Candy has the Create kit for you here.
Krista is offering her cute Love Paisley kit on her blog.
Angedawn has a Valentine Ribbon for you on her blog.
Heather Roselli has cute pastel epoxy stars for you on her blog.
Stefan's Mama has tags & strings for her Little One kit. Get it here.
Eva has two kits for you: Pink Flowers and Chocolate. Grab them both here.
Dea Spina has a sample of her To Love and Care kit on her blog.

Isn't it strange that I only found one template today? I've never had that on a Tuesday before. At least we can rely on Ruby.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the circle template and all the freebie links!! Very much appreciated!!!

Lainey said...

Maybe you can help me ... is there any secret to downloading files from zupload? I click the download link and nothing ever happens. Sometimes on the bottom it says to right mouse click but that doesn't do it either. Any suggestions?

IkeaGoddess said...

@ elaine
Hmmm, I just click in the top left hand corner on "Download file", and my browser's download window opens. Maybe your firewall is blocking the access or your browser is having a problem with the site. I would check the browser's settings, not that zupload is blocked there. I use firefox with standard settings and it works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the bad english...
I'm from Brazil and I just loved to discover your website! It's such an amazing idea of your putting all the freebie links together... thank you a lot!!!
kiss :o)

Kristine said...

Wonderful goodies today!! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Gail said...

Love all the finds - thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've been coming every day to see what freebies you found that I didn't and I just had to leave you a lil comment today that YOU ROCK!!
thanks for posting these!! HUGS! Stephanie

Mama Jane said...

Thanks for your list today. That is strange about only one template for Tuesday. Especially since I usually post much later in the day. If I had been my normal pokey self you wouldn't have any. HAHAHAHAHA.