Friday, November 20, 2009

Homage to Jonas Akerlund

Tonight I just wanted to share a few of my favorite music video directed by Jonas Akerlund.
1st, P!nk’s Sober:

I love P!nk, I think she is seriously talented and she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. I love that.

Next, Christina Aguilera's Beautiful:
Sorry can’t embed, but you can find it here:

Now, I’m not too big of a Christina Aguilera fan – too much pop for my taste – however this song is truly beautiful and it works really well with her unbelievable voice.

So by watching these and the previous videos you will have noticed that Jonas Akerlund has an exceptional eye for strong photographic imagery. To enforce that I will will leave you with his masterpiece, Robbie Williams’ Come Undone (the uncensored European version, you have been warned)

This is by far my favorite song by Robbie, and I like quite a lot of his songs. Maybe it’s just because its Robbie – (I am positive my fellow European females will agree with me on this) before he went all crazy area 51 on us, Robbie Williams was the epitome of a cocky sexy bastard and I loved him for it. The video really enhances that. Enjoy :-)


Nolwenn said...

I did not know this director... I am a big fan of P!nk songs, voice and she truly is an amazing woman. This video clip is wonderfully beautiful.
Christina Aguilera's album "Stripped" is my all time favourite, and the song "Beautiful" is just really touching.
Thanks for sharing ;)

tina said...

I just really saw these two videos for the first time & they shed so much light on what the artist wanted to portray. Profound.

Studio Cali Design said...

Wow Christina Aguilera ^^
I'm a big fan of her, she's...beautiful like her song LOL.
Her voice is perfect and powerful.
Thanks so much to post this beautiful song :)

Kristine said...

Morning Angie!!

Love Pink, love Aguilera but Robbie Williams is just too damn sexy for words!!! Definately a pudding man for sure!!! :P Wheeeeeeeee!!!!

Have a great day!!!

HelenClyde said...

I didn´t know him before, but after these videos I´ll definatly recognize his style. I didn´t know Come undone had such an extraordinary video, I remember discussing this song with a student of mine, it was her homework to write about it for her Englishlessons... well, I guess the teacher didn´t show them that video :-)
And I agree on the comment about Robbie. Seems Akerlund is the videodirector for all the stars with drug problems.

Kim B said...

WOOT!! Beautiful is one of my top fav songs- brings back a lot of *melancholy* memories. And as for Robbie- hell it's that "I don't give a shit, naughty boy attitude" that I enjoy - lol
Yup Kristine- a DEFINITE pudding man- BWWWWWAHAHAHAHA

ENJOYED these- thanks Chikka!

maryanne r said...

I love robbie but ohmigosh, have never seen that clip before.
visually its a bit disturbing, but definitely tells the story.

Linda said...

I agree with you on Robbie. He is my all time favourite, due to his cocky, cheeky attitude. And yeah, Come Undone is my fave too.

Hey, did you catch the live broadcast of his show last month from London with new songs from Reality Killed the Videostar? It was awesome, Robbie back to his old self. If you can, try to find him singing Video Killed the Radiostar.

Jonas Åkerlund is a genius. He looks like a dork, but does great work.

kitchenlifeblogs said...

I love Robbie William's Shes the one,great video too..enjoyed watching,thanks:)

micheal said...

it's really nice.

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Love Pink, love Aguilera but Robbie Williams is just too damn sexy for words..
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