Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday’s Freebies

Now I bet you have all seen New Moon by now and I hope you enjoyed it. But have you seen the trailer to Robert Pattinson’s new movie Remember Me? I loved it. What do you think?

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Dawn Farias said...

Thank you!

Binty said...

u are the sweetest. ty for the "remember me" trailer. i think i love RobP. wonder what my hubby will say ;). and ty for listing my freebie! wish u and u'r family a very happy thanksgiving!

Anna said...

You're the best - Thanks for posting these great freebies!!!

Kristine said...

Just swinging thru to wave adn say Hi!!!!!!!

have a great night!


Rúbia said...

thank you so much for mention my freebie! :)

Nicole said...

When I went to see New Moon, there was a preview of that Remember Me movie. It looked like a very good movie! Another one I'll have to see :)

Becca said...

Aw thanks for including me today Angie! Its always a thrill to see my stuff on your list. Have a terrific evening!

Andi Walker said...

I have a freebie blog: I hope you like it. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate the great freebies

Rose said...

I always say I'm not a Robert Pattinson fan, but I'm an Edward fan, but it looks like Robbie may have more than just Edward in there!! That trailer looks fabulous, I'll definitely be going to see that one! (And is that a little cockiness I detect?!)

S said...

Definately putting that one on the list to see. Thank you for your list!

Stacey said...

Thank you sooo much for including my freebie yesterday and today! You are the best!!

Desleigh said...

so I must be the only person in the world who hasn't seen new moon yet! Waiting for the DVD... I don't get out much! guess I will be waiting for the DVD of Remember me too!

Jen said...

That trailer definitely makes me want to see that film! Thanks for posting! Just wondering if you could check out my word art freebie

I love your site...thanks for all the great posts! Have a great day!

Sue said...

Thank you very much for finding all these fun freebies! :)

wilmo said...

i would never forget such a gorgeous guy... no need for him to say "remember me" LOL

JoAnn Stringer said...

The trailer came on prior to New Moon and everyone in the theater screamed when they saw Rob Pattinson.

HelenaK said...

Oh I loved the trailer! Seems like a really good movie. I'm drooling over Robert Pattinson. He just gets hotter and hotter. :) I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I will try to get to the movies this weekend.

Jana said...

thanks for posting this trailer... i did not hear something about this movie but i sure have to see it!!!

kizgold said...

Thanks for freebies and yes I saw the trailer at New Moon and it does look very good! Cannot wait!

Day said...

Morning! I did see New Moon and will for sure be seeing Remember Me - loved the "ashtray" in the lobby bit! ;)
I have a free frame on my blog today if you'd like to look. Have a great day!

Manda said...

Thanks for finding these awesome freebies! I just posted a freebie template on my blog if you're interested =)

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Anonymous said...

Love that you not only post freebies, but updates on RPattz and the Twilight saga. Definitely getting my fix on your site!!!


Queenie said...

Always thankful for all your compilation of freebies.

rose said...

Thanks for the Trailer.

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gih said...

Nice freebie on this date.. I like the design...

gih said...

I like that movie too.

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