Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday’s Freebies

Only 10 more days till New Moon. Are you excited? I sure as hell am. Here is the extended trailer incase you haven’t seen it yet:

I admit to watching it more than once, OK a lot more than once ;-)
The other thing I’ve been watching this past week: Generation Kill, an HBO mini-series from 2008 based on the book of the same name written by Rolling Stone magazine reporter Evan Wright. Wright was an embedded reporter with the Marines during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Incidentally 2 of my favorite vampire actors play marines: Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman of True Blood plays Sergeant Brad Iceman Colbert and Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen of Twilight plays Corporal Jason Lilley. Now this is definitely a mini-series worth watching, not only because of the gorgeous men in uniform, but because it gives insight into a situation that is very hard to comprehend as an outsider.
I love the surreal scenes when they sing, here’s a good example:

Talking about hot vampires, here is a nice top 20 list of the hottest male vamps out there and I actually have to agree with it, well with a few minor shifts here and there (I agree with the comments made, #2 and #3 should swap places):




Alphas & Wordart:

Kits & more:




Bob said...

Have you seen the "Bing" Microsoft commercial?
Quite a hot Vampire in it!

JamWest1007 said...

Thanks for the great freebies, Angie!

...and the great clips! ;-)

Carrie said...

So, I've been following your blog for a while but in the last week or two I have become absolutely addicted! Thanks for the awesome freebies.

Asal Djuraeva said...

Thank you very much for the freebies, and clips:)It's great to begin day with your posts:)

MeltingBeadGirl66 said...

Thanks for the freebie links!

Anonymous said...

I've got a freebie on my blog!

Anonymous said...

LOL... luved the list. I would drop a few.. add some she did not.. but in the end I was totally satisfied when I seen James at the top! ;) YUM!!! haha He's still my all time fav. Spikey haired... broody, cheeky mess of nasty sexiness!!!! Sigh....

Thanks for the links girlie!


Sue said...

Wonderful picks today! Thank so much for finding all of these! :)

Mrs. N said...

Thanks for the movie clips - good stuff. :) (I've been ignoring the New Moon trailers so I'll just enjoy the experience, you know?)

A freebie for a cluster frame just went up at Pixel Gypsy Designs:

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

FAB trailers and I LOVE the guys singing Teenage Dirt Bag! SWEET and DEFINITELY a movie to be viewed!

Thank you for ALL of the GREAT finds this LOVELY Monday Angie girl!

Wishing you an AMAZING week sweetie!

Love and hugs,
Linda <3

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all your searching!!! I'm a new follower, and I think I love you!!!

I can't wait to see New Moon either, but we have a strict "wait until the DVD comes out" policy at our house, so I'll be waiting a while longer. : ( Oh, well - I'm sure it will be worth the wait!!!

Anonymous said...

YES! I'm excited, can't wait for the the new movie and I'm counting down the days with you.xxox
Thanks for the great always your dedication is un#########believable! LOL Deb

Dream Big Designs said...

Thank you for including my freebie! You Rock!

Tiscia said...

Thanks for all your hard work - I have been a silent viewer for a little bit now.

I do have a freebie every now and then...and I too am a lover of stars!

Anonymous said...

I was counting on you to give me all the freebies for DSD but again you were MIA.
Is this a scrap freebie site or a vampire site?
Maybe you should have two seperate blogs???

princess jen said...

Welcome back!! Missed you the past few days. Hopefully work isn't quite so hectic. Thank you so much for all the work you do in finding these great freebies.

MagicalReality Designs said...
I give lots of freebies out..have a look hun! God Bless!

TinaM said...

Thanks for including my freebie :)

eBooks said...

It's so pretty.

Unknown said...