Friday, November 20, 2009

Robbie Williams

Hello Ladies,

after posting Robbie's Come Undone video yesterday, I ended up listening to his music half the night. *sigh* I may have mentioned before that he is one sexy rockstar who as Kim B.'s puts it has that "I don't give a shit, naughty boy attitude" which makes him even hotter. So since you already know my favorite Robbie Williams video, I'll leave you with the remaining 4 of my top 5 Robbie videos.

First the funniest ever Robbie Williams video. He definitely does not know the word shame or do you know of anybody who would wear that suit? You gotta love him for that.

Next is a beautiful song and a nice story-telling video. And again a ridiculous suit. I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

Now this is one of my personal favorites from his album Swing When You're Winning. After he brought out the CD Sing When You're Winning, which was a huge success, Robbie did an album of his favorite Rat Pack songs. And I think he did a bloody brilliant job. I watched the Royal Albert Hall concert on TV and was spellbound. He is a master of live entertainment.

Last but not least, the song that I will forever know by heart: Angels. The official video kind of sucks in my opinion, besides Angels is heard best live anyway. So here it is, the song that changed Robbie's career.

How's that for some weekend eye-candy? ;-)
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess


Kristine said...

I want him to be my man-whore...tacky suits and all.....


maryanne r said...

mmm robbie
I do have a thing for robbie!!
have seen him in concert here in australia, was just the best!!
Have just seen pink here too, she totally rocks.was awesome!
I love your blog, and so appreciate your freebie hunting and gathering!thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh!! Thanks so much for posting this!! Love Robbie! I like one of his older videos too, Rock DJ, but Angels is awesome! Love the way he sings in Spanish! So cool!

Much love to your blog like always!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just love chking your Blog...everyday! Oh and you can continue with your Eric naughtiness as long as you want in my book. Love it! lol.

Lucy's Mama said...

I love P!nk too! Have you heard her on Michael Franti's "Yell Fire"??? Here's a youtube link, and though it's not a video, you can hear the song. It's one of my favorites!

Thanks for all the work you do for us Angie!


Anonymous said...

I dream of being the creamy filling in a Robbie Williams, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Bono torte. Or should that be tart?

You have just made my month!

Anonymous said...
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Aquarius Scrapability said...

Ooo man i would love to have him for a couple of hours {sigh}.
Don't worry about the freebies hunnie okay we all miss them but we all have a reallife and you should see my household from time to time, i feel lucky that i do not have to blog/design or whatever every day i just do not have time to do that. That is the main reason i just finished a new kit while i didn't release anything in almost 2 months. If you want a cute quickpage ( i think so ) you can snatch it at my blog.

Joyce said...

I love Robbie Williams!
Thanks for posting these clips!!

Btw, I have got a new blog and I have just posted a freebie! :-)

Katrine said...

YUM - LOVE me some Robbie Williams!!! Thank you for making my day :D

Anonymous said...

Time to stop calling this a scrapping blog. I'm moving on.

Bunny Cates, said...

awww, the My Way video made me cry. Im such a sap.

Thanks sug!

Marie said...

hmmmmmmmm !!!! angels !!!!

Julie said...

Great videos! I know you are a busy lady so here is a little tip. GingerScraps is having designer call, which means FREEBIES!
Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Is there some reason the word verification right now is humpubv??? }:-D


Kim B said...

BWWWWAHAHAH- girl it's a Monday afternoon here- what the hell you doing to me!! ROTF!
I have the Swing while you're winning DVD and it's a fav ( even with my DAD!lol)
And of course have all his other DVD's too. Can you say I'm a huge fan ( of his looks and music- hee hee)
Angels gives me goose flesh as I watched him in concert here and the crowd sang it right over him- was an experience I'll never forget ( and took me three weeks to find my voice again too! lol)

Yup, Kristine you gonna have to fight me for him tho! hahaha
Thanks Angie for the Monday hot flush-OY

Kim B said...

OOOH OOOH- had to come back as you distracting me NO END with these videos-lol
It's the EYE'S!!!! OMG, he could make me LAME with one look-

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to his music! Yummy!!!! Reminds me of a young Morrisey.


denwer said...

this is so cool!!!

chloeeee_x_ said...

Have seen the Robmeister in concert,both solo & with Take That.
Seriously he is SEX ON LEGS!!!!

Glad he's getting back to his brilliant self & maybe a reunion with TT too...heaven.

micheal said...

thanks for the post.

I LOVE YOU said...


gih said...

hahaha.. you're so funny Kristine.