Sunday, March 25, 2007

How to use templates

It seems that templates are here to stay - and I'm happy about it. I love using them, cause they save me a bunch of time. Some I alter or enhance, some I leave just as they are.
You have been asking me how to use them?
Basically I open the template in PSE4, then I drag and drop the paper I want to use into the template. Then I place it on top of the layer I want to use and press [crtl] + [g] on my keyboard. The paper will then automatically merge into the layer shape. Example:
I dragged the yellow paper (PSE4 auto-named it Layer 2) into the template and over the layer I want to use, which is named patterned paper. I then press ctrl + g and as you can see the little arrow appears and indicates that the paper is merged into the previous shape. I can then still shift it around by holding down the left mouse button, especially good for getting the photos in the right position. That's all that's to it.

As you can probably tell, I suck at writing tutorials, so I found a great one by Misty Cato: her tutorials for PSE/PSCS2 are the best. She has one almost daily and they are simple, easy to follow and have tons of screenshots (which I find very helpful). Get her tutorial on templates here.
Lucrecia has one for you PSP users here.
When you have done a couple of template pages, you'll get the hang of it, and save time, which you can then use on making even more pages ;-)


Anonymous said...

You're the best; thanks for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

thanks for explaining tutorials. I'm new to the digi-world (although, not new to downloading free scrapbooking goodies; just ask my husband!) And I found it overwhelming-all the technical stuff! Thanks for explaining this. Helps take some of that fear out!!!! By the way, love your blog!