Monday, March 05, 2007

Manic Monday's Marvelous Freebies

Heather has a template on her blog.
Dumpty has a template on her blog.
Jaana has two templates on her blog.
Lisa has an Artsy Fartsy sampler pack here.
Jan has a kit called Memoire07 on her blog.
Misty has a lilac sampler on her blog.
A-gus has a Spring mini-kit here.
Shandy has a Vintage Floral add-on on her blog.

Ale has a Child's Drawings (beige) elements pack on her blog.
Tina has some word stamps here.
Michaele has a Green Dreams cardboard paper on her blog.
Tara has a NYC Cab rub-on on her blog.
Christina has a funky doodle wordart and frame on her blog.
Anita has a Bold & Sassy kit on her blog.
Fernlili ha some doodled stickers on her blog.
Kari has some fun arrows on her blog.
Kris has a camo paper pack on her blog.
Laudi has a Happy Easter add-on here.
Tina has a Heritage Baby teddy bear here .


Muka said...

thanks for the tips!

my2boys said...

great finds today sweetz (even if you DID leave off my doodle borders....hehehehehehe j/k).

I really love the layout you did of your bf and son...too cool. Isn't it nice to have someone who is involved and helps you and supports your dreams etc?!? That is awesome. Give him a hug for me;)

be looking for an email from me regarding our joint venture, too!

paintingsiggi said...

As always, totally awesome freebie goodness!! *big grin* Thank you! Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting these all together in one place!

SM said...

Help! I don't see a download link to download Kris's camo papers? Is it just me?

Thanks for all the links you share with us!

IkeaGoddess said...

@sm: must be just you, cause I can see it. Here's the url:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for finding these and placing them in one spot. I am so glad i bought myself and External Hard Drive, I will need it for all these freebies that you offer. Such a wonderful thing your do for us scrappers. I wish your son well in his up coming Army adventure and my god bless him as well. thanks

Anonymous said...

OOPS!!!!! Post error, lol that was for another scrapper. I thik the one with the free Bunny. I am turning several shades of red here. so sorry.

sm said...

Back to IkeaGoddess,

Thanks so much hun for posting the link for me. :) I got the papers no problems this time and incidently, that ' edited ' date was NOT there either when i went to her blog last. Odd really, i've never had that trouble before, but there's a first time for everything. lol

Thanks again, have a good one!

Crystal said...

I just started using PhotoshopElements 4.0 & have been downloading alot of templates. But I have no clue how to use them. Do you know of a website that has that as a tutorial?