Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday's freebies

Andrea has a template on her blog.
Shandy has a template on her blog.
Ria has a template on her blog.
Cheryl has a template on her blog.

Kits & stuff:
Agnieszka has some felty easter eggs on her blog.
Lindsay Jane has a Lime Squeeze kit on her blog.
Shandy has a If You Dare to be a girl kit on her blog.
Ruby has part 3 of her Sweet & Juicy kit on her blog.
Misty has tiny flowers on her blog.
Traci has a Free Falling sampler on her blog.
Carrie has Mini Randomness doodles on her blog.
Rosa has a sequin alpha called Jackie in the 80s on her blog.
Gab has a Big Dream kit on her blog.
Kris has a Friendship kit on her blog.
Sonia has three Feeling Grungy overlays on her blog.
Lucie has Tested stamps on her blog.


Mara said...

I am first again, cannot believe that. I guess it is because of the time zones. For me it is bedtime now. So I say thank you very much for the todays list. Have a good day and night

Saab said...

Ok I'm learning, I made a coffee before I popped over LOL. It's 8.00am down under and I thought I'm safer getting my fix in the morning, after the other night (only got 4 hours sleep)I think it's much better idea.Off to go find some goodies, hugs for the links and also for linking me again :-)Hope you have a great weekend. Cheers Sonia

Kristine said...

Wonderful assortment! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

PSharp said...

Thank you for all the wonderful links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work!

Gail said...

Thank you for todays great list!

xashee's corner said...

thank you for all you do!! :)

Anonymous said...

More awesome links. Thanks so much for your time, it is apprciated! BettyJoR

Andilynn said...

I love your blog (and all the great freebies--LOL). I have it linked on my blog. I just uploaded a freebie that you might be interested in. Sorry, I don't use Outlook so I couldn't email you the link so I guess I'll just put it here. Thanks--Andilynn
Here's the link:

mel said...

i am sooooooo grateful to you for posting all these links everyday ! you are a godsend! thanks so much. i check your blog everyday and i am definitely an addict.. if i dont check, i feel like something is missing! i love your layouts too and i think youre very talented! thanks so much! and lots of greetings from durban, south africa!

Joy said...

Have only just discovered your blog (was pointed over here by a friend), now I have to make extra computer time in order to come and see what treasures you have found each day!! Thank you for all your hard work :)

redju said...

Thanks for your nice work!