Friday, November 14, 2008

Freebie Friday

This week just flew past me in a blur, I can't believe it's Friday already. I have to work this weekend, so there is really nothing to look forward to weekend-wise. Today I went out and bought Damien's Christmas present after work. I know it's early, but last year the Legos he wanted were sold out at the beginning of December. So this year I decided to start early and I got lucky too. One big department store had what he wanted on sale: my 3 year olds dream. Btw, Damien was on his best behavior again today. This evening he even prepare a salat with us. He measured oil and vinegar, stirred it after I added the spices, he pealed garlic and onions, washed & plucked the salad, and cut the tomatoes, bell peppers, radishs with assistance by Chris. I know it won't stay this way, but you can't blame me for enjoying myself while it lasts :-)
Have a fun weekend
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess

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Patamomma said...

Thanks for the great list today! Patty

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing all your searching with us.

Laurie said...

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Hi Angie,

Thanks for today's list. You are so good to us!

I purchased that charity kit from After5Designs today. I just finished downloading...200 elements!! I can't wait to see all my new toys!!

Have a good weekend,

HelenClyde said...

What a cool castle! I do love legos, but my daughter told me this year she´s got enough lego now and wants something different this time *lol*
I´m allready done with most of my christmas shopping this year - I was so late last year, so this year I went to amazon in October and got most of the presents.

Thanks for todays lovely list, see you,


Vicki said...

LOL at Damien. Hey, you can't blame him for trying to be a good boy! He wants the TV back! LOL! Good for you getting some Christmas presents already - I haven't even written a list, let alone started shopping!!

Anyway, thanks for the list Angie. Hugs x

ViVa Artistry is: said...

Thanks again Angie for all your hard work. I do enjoy coming here and checking out all the latest. Just an FYI that I have a new blog set up with freebies! It's

We are new designers and would love to get listed with you!

vivienne (formerly EastWest Scraps)

scrapbycolor with holley said...

thanks for including my template! I like how you have it organized into categories now :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Angie!!! I'm catching up this weekend and WOO HOO for finding ALL of Damien's DREAM GIFTS!!! How SWEET for him to be in the kitchen helping you and Chris!!!

LOL! We take ALL we can get when offered, right? As they grow, they find NEW likes and quickly forget about some of them that aren't really ALL that pleasing to them!

THANK YOU love for ALL of the FABULOUS finds!!! WOW! Have we been FRAMED, or what??? ROFL! Thank you for showcasing mine and I am LOVING all the others too - just cannot have TOO many frames!

As ALWAYS, I SO appreciate the TEMPLATES! I do believe YOU are the one that really got me HOOKED on them!

Hope your weekend at work goes QUICKLY for you!

Linda :)