Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday's Thrilling Freebies


Quickpages: 2x

Alphas & Wordart:

Kits & more:


redjudesigns said...

Thank you Angie for all these freebies! I was in a designing break so this is why I haven't left you a comment for a while.
Thanks a lot and if you have time, check out my blog, I made a freebie :)

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have a new freebie up! :) Here it is:

Awesome new freebies, thanks!

akizo said...

TYFS your wonderful list and TYF add my alpha!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for hunting all these freebies for us...
I'll put your blinkie on my blog..If you have time, come and have a look at my blog...

Unknown said...

I love all your freebies!!

And because of all your hard work, you need to read my blog today: