Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday's Thrilling Freebies

Hi gals,
today is one of those days where one is just happy it's drawing to a close. My morning started with Damien screaming bloody murder at 2 am because he woke up having to go to the bathroom. We don't know why he screamed for 15 min straight, yet assumed he was angry at his bladder for taking him out of his dreams. Getting dressed in the morning was just as exciting, one scarf didn't have the right color, the next was too itchy (as soft as a she-mouse's belly if you ask me), and the alternative of zipping the coat all the way up was not accepted as an option. He also didn't want to walk, nor ride his bike to kindergarten. I guess he was hoping for a flying carpet. I ended up dragging him behind me to the streetcar. We actually had to get out of the streetcar one stop early, because people were starting to evacuate the car we were in due to his high pitched screams. Why was he screaming you ask? Because the seat he wanted to sit in was taken by someone else - a tragedy in Damien's eyes. By the time I got to work, 45 min late, I was exhausted.
This evening he was a little angel. He cleaned up his room, helped set the table, and even brushed his teeth without having the need to discuss the necessity of dental hygiene. He probably hoped to revoke the punishment of no TV till Monday. One thing is for sure, life with kids is never boring. I wonder what tomorrow will bring :-)
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess

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Kim B said...

HAHAHAHA - sorry for laughing Angie- but can just picture you bedraggled dragging your poor son down the road- ;-)
Yeah,never a dull moment and not much rest either-lol

Thanks for the giggle
hope you have a better day tomorrow

StarWarsFans said...

Oh the joys of parenthood! Sorry you had such a rough morning. Glad to hear he was better in the evening, although there may have been ulterior motives to his actions!

Anonymous said...

Kids, they sure test your patience! My boys were definitely worse at 3 than the "terrible 2s". My youngest could be a nightmare. Now he's 13 and it's like 3 all over again LOL! Good luck and thanks for making time to get us a list.

Anonymous said...

LOL It's moments like those when I have to remind myself how lucky I truly am, cause boy it doesn't feel like it in the midst of the screaming. I'm glad the evening went more smoothly...even if the TV did have something to do with it. ;-)

Here's hoping you are able to get a good nights sleep free of any "potty" emergencies.

Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh...and please know that you are NOT alone is the journey we call parenthood!

Thanks for all you do!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

LOL -- Poor Angie!! I feel for you, really!!. There's a reason God made children so darn cute - so you would feel bad killing them!!! LOL

Wishing you a happier tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

glad to know that your son was better behaved in the evening.

oh and please check out the freebies on my sister's blog at


Unknown said...

Oh Angie, that's horrible! But I totally understand! I hope he's better for you...for the rest of his life...but I'm more of a realist than luck!


Crissie said...

This makes me so glad my boys are WAY past this phase! LOL!! Thanks for the great finds :)

M u s s said...

I have three of those, do I have day-offs?? LOL

Thanks for listing my freebie!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... mine is 3. Pitches fits when I go to refill his milk for crying out loud. Why? Cuz he said he did not get a chance to say good by to his sippy cup .. so that I could refill it. Give me the strength to get through this stage.. ahhhhhhhh....

lol Crazy! Meltdowns over nothing.. and yet they make our hearts spill over with just a mere glance. Gotta luv them! ;)

Thanks for sharing.. it gave me a giggle... and some hope!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Now that is ONE intelligent three-year-old you have Angie!!! Butter mommy up and maybe, JUST maybe I'll get to watch television again!!!

Thank you for ALL of the GORGEOUS goodies today and may you have an ABSOLUTELY delightful tomorrow sweetie!

Linda :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for making me smile. Your wonderful words would make a fab LO. All you needed to manage was to take a few photos while everything else was going on.

Amanda said...

Thanks for all your hunting! I love coming here everyday and scooping up all these lovelies!

davec777 said...

((Hugs)) to you. Kids can really be challenging some days. Hang in there. My parents would always tell me after days like this that "This is only a phase - it will pass." They've been right so far =)

EliNa said...

Kids can be challeging ideed ;-)

Thanks for checkinh my Autumn's Splendor freebie

Laurie Wilson said...

I have finally done a kit with lots of stars so I hope you like it. Take a look and list my freebie if you would like.

jenjenjasp said...

Oh my GOSH! Angie...I so needed this giggle. I am wiping tears of giggles from my face. lol. As you know, we just brought my mom home from the hospital...and it has been a LONG four days helping her through the pain. My heart has been tried, but I had the opposite experience with my kids. They were angels helping grandma.

Anyway, your fun story of the "joys of parenting" was a much needed GIGGLE!

I LOVE YOU! lol...hope you got some sleep. oh my...still giggling.