Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday's Freebies

it's a good thing I have time to hunt tonight, because my google reader has 459 new posts. So there should be a couple freebies too ;-)

Templates: 2x 2x 2-page

Quickpages: click on Friday freebie 2x


Kits & more: click on Friday freebie hybrid


mandymystiques said...

Thank you so much for listing my freebie!Have a great night!


Kristine said...

Evening Angie!!! Thanks so much for finding my freebie! Made my day!!!

Misty said...

Thanks for your work in finding these! You are appreciated.

esther_a said...

Wow Angie! What a collection!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you aren't under the weather again!! Thanks much for this big bunch! T. :)

thefrugalcrafter said...

Thank you! I feel famous to be listed on your blog! It's like getting published!

Casey said...

Thanks a million for posting my freebie! Muah!


Sabine said...

Thanks for posting again one of my freebies :)
It looks like you're having some hard days at work. I am still amazed that you managed both work and so much scrapping and hunting at the same time. You must be some kind of superwoman?!

Kristin said...

Hi Angie! Thanks so much for featuring my freebie! You are so sweet to do all of this work for us! You are appreciated!

Aly D said...

thanks so much for linking up to my freebie template. really appreciate it! have a great day!