Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday's Sensational Freebies

Today we had Leo, Damien's best-friend, over. Our plans were that we pick Leo up after breakfast, they play in Damien's room, we have lunch (pumpkin casserole), walk to Chris' mom and eat waffles, take the streetcar to the city center, go to the movies and watch WallE, drive back, have dinner, and Leo gets picked up. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Well we got as far as Chris' mom and her home-made waffles when Damien started couching and couldn't stop. He got red cheeks and had a temperature within the hour. So Leo's dad picked him up (it would have been his very first trip to the movies) and Damien was in bed by 3pm. Right now he is sleeping. Can you believe that Damien was fine this morning? Not even a runny nose. Looks like he is getting my luck with timing for being sick ;-)
I hope you found lots of freebies and didn't spend all your money on the fabulous sales everywhere. It sure is hard to stay in your spending limit on DSD. Here are the freebies I found today:
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W&W: Yep, that's my QP in there. You can grab the template in the post below.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebie listings, spent all my money at W&W yesterday, so now all I need is a little time to use my new goodies.. I hope Damien get's well soon!! Love Gon

Mrs. Wresh said...

Angie - Kive Damien some sugar (kisses!) from Arizona and tell him all the Wresh's hope he feels much better soon. Poor little thing...

SarahG said...

Aww Poor thing I hope he gets better soon!

Pumpkin Casserole? Sounds delicious I'd love to hear the recipe for that!

Have a Great day!

Angeltown said...

Thanks as always for the fab freebie listings! Love your blog! I'm giving out a freebie every day this month if you want to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Awwww...I'm so sorry Damien got sic...I hope he feels better soon! Thank you for all the links! You Rock!!!


Yin said...

Take care there with Damien, hope he gets well realy soon. Thanks always for all you do for the rest of us!

MommaKiss said...

I've been following your blog for the past month - don't think I ever said Hi and THANKS! I love all the links. It's my first check in google reader.

Anonymous said...

Wow Angie thanks for listing my freebie! (I feel famous!) Hope the little guy feels better soon!