Thursday, April 05, 2007

Layout with today's freebies

While compiling today's freebie list, I thought a lot of the Spring freebies would work together really well. So I did something I very seldom do, I mixed different kits and elements. I also know why I hardly ever do that - my file organization sucks: I still use windows and no cataloging software like ACDSee. I know I should, but I often enough can't even get around to unzipping my downloads. I actually have 11GB of downloads waiting to be unzipped...I have got to get organized, seriously. But the PC room needs even more attention than the PC itself. If my kid would walk in here, I would have to fill out a missing person report and get help and heavy equipment to find him. It's a daily mystery how I even make it to the desk without harm.

Anyway here's the layout I made solely using today's freebies:
flower ribbon & blue, yellow, and purple paper from Sarah Möller's Flowers For You kit,
Tracy Blankenship's FrayedDenim Girl corner,
Jennifer Barrette's Ribbon Flowers,
Easter grass by Jennifer M. Trippetti,
butterflies by Agnes K.,
happy wordart by Natalie Bird,
aged photo borders by An Van Laer (Annetje)
font: Zombie.


Muka said...

wow, this is gorgeous! I was actually wondering how you could scrap so quickly after downloading the freebies... now I know your secret! ;) lol, I spend hours just organizing so that when I scrap I can find stuff quickly... ACDSee would probably take loads quicker but hey, it works for me! ;)

LVMommy22 said...

super! i love how you combined everything! and your dyed eggs look great! tfs!
:) M

JenniferBarrette_Designs said...

Adorable layout, so bright and fun! Glad you liked my "Ribbon Flowers"!

Anonymous said...

Lovely LO, I was ROTFL about your post, thanks I needed that!!

Nightshadow said...

Gorgeous layout. Everything goes together beautifully.

Mara said...

thank you, what a great conclusion of the freebies again, and as I love, one wonderful layout of the today-freebies, this helps my imagination and inspires me. Have a wonderful easter,

Bernadette said...

Thanks so much for compiling this fab list, I wonder if you would like to add me to it? I have a kit on my blog for free, called It's About Time. And in my store, there are quite a lot of free kits and samplers. Also, I created a great orgaanising spreadsheet which is avaialble in my store, so easy to use and find stuff. It takes time to add everything, but once you have, it works a dream to find what you need. Once again, thanks for your hard work

My blog is here:
and my store is here:
looks a bit poorly at the minute, as I am doing it all up, but everything works

Natalie said...

WOW what a wonderful LO someone pointed me to you blog .
Glad you liked my Happy word art:)

Joanna said...

I am so impressed!those great
You have your work and family - and still you find time to scrap those great layouts and make the wonderful links list for all of us out here.
Thank you soooo much for sharing.

*sarahm172* said...

das layout sieht klasse aus. ich freue mich immer meine sachen verscrappt zu sehen.

lg sarah

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being organized! I actually tried to put them all in files and now I am still confused! I am gonna have to come up with a better system and then put them on CD's as a back up. You give me too many to waste!

Love the page! You are just very talented.

my2boys said...

lol...the dreaded roooommm! ackkkkkk. I tell ya...scarey stuff babe! you should put a rope tied to the door handle and one tied to your chair. that way you can always find your way in and out, teeheee.

the layout looks greatttt! loveeee it!! makes me so happy to see the stuff in use.

thanks for all you do and are!

Lisa said...

This is great. What a way to combine things!


jburkhart said...

Too cute....always love to see what you do with all your great freebie finds....I need to try and use them when I get them, too!
Thanks for the previews and links to all your finds!

LouAnn said...

Great LO. I appreciate your posts with previews even. I just started using ACDSee and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is time consuming to get it set up because you show us so many freebies - LOL. But I can find things WAY easy now, and I'm not even completely done! Just 15 min a day.... ;)