Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday's freebies

Kim has a template on her blog.
Brynnmarie has a template on her blog.
Tracy has a rectangle template on her blog. has a template on her blog.
Sonia has a template on her blog.

Kits & stuff:
Sylvia has a Funky Garden kit on her blog.
Lindsay Jane has a Sepia Pink mini-kit on her blog.
Carla has a Purple Glitta Doodle alpha on her blog.
Doris has a brag book quick page on her blog.
Kim B has Springy prongs on her blog.
Anna has Boy-friendly Dotted Paperz on her blog.


Glenda said...

There is also a tutorial on the same site that tells how to make the flap on that template. I can't tell you how I found it - it just happened - but it is there with pictures and the whole thing.

Pascaline said...

Hi, i'm new in the digital scrapbooking. I love drawing... and i have done one little freebie. If you like it, can you join my blog adress in your list ?
Thanks a lot...

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

Thanks so much for visiting - I know that you must be hecktic. Miguel is very much a bugging photographer - I have visions of him working for National Geographic, Vouge, Harpers, Time Magazine... I must confide in you something, he gets his talent purely from me !!!!! :o)

Joy said...

Thank you so much for all the time you put in finding goodies for us! You are amazing!

LovelyMissKait said...

Thank you for your time and effort in seeking these out and sharing them with us. The link to does not work.

Georgia said...

Thanks for all the freebie hunting and listing previews here for us all again!!

IkeaGoddess said...

I tried and it works fine for me: maybe this link works better for you

Dina said...

My whole family thanks you for the time you spend looking for freebies! I would be glued to the computer if it wasn't for your blog! One question...what program do you use to unzip rar files? I always love the templetes that use this file extention, but can't use them. Thank you!!

Kim Broedelet said...

Hey Ikea, Just a big hug for the mention and LOVE the new W&W LO.. it's absolutely STUNNING!
love kim

Julie said...

Thanks for the awesome templates you found! I do have one question about the site though. I have emailed them to see if they can help, but do you have any idea what a rar file is? That is what type of files they are and I am unable to open them. I use PSE 2.0