Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday's Post-Election Day Freebies

Hi gals,
did you stay up all night too, to see the outcome of the US elections? I sure did. Lucky for me I'm on the late shift this week, otherwise there would have been no way I could have stayed up till 4am. Well, it turned out like I and the rest of the world hoped it would. It sure is time for change.
For me last night had 2 positive moments and one disappointment:
First, Obama will be the 44th president and with him I believe not only will Americans have a better life, hopefully with heath care for all, but also the rest of the world has hope for a world with less battlefields and not another cold war. He is a true president from the people for the people.
Second, the extremely high voter turnout. I think it's absolutely great that so many actively decided to participate in the fate of their country. Especially when I saw the long queues of voters. In Germany it would be unthinkable to have to wait in line to vote, let alone having to register prior to voting. And yet we have lower voter participation. We always take Damien with us to vote in the hope that he will one day be not only proud to be able to vote, but will also do it with enthusiasm.
Third, what I didn't understand nor expect is the "yes" by the majority of Californians on Prop 8. For me it is discrimination and so last century. It just doesn't fit in my concept of a modern free world. Hopefully this form of discrimination will no longer exist when Damien is old enough to marry.
Now enough about politics, on to the freebies :-)

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Kammie Rivera said...

What a great comment. I live in California, and I am very upset by the passing of prop 8 too. I am confident that it will be found unconstitutional if it actually does pass. There are many here that are waiting for every vote to be counted, until we know for certain.
I am so excited that Obama will be our next president, and hopefully our standing with the rest of the world will improve, and we can all work together towards peace and prosperity.
Thanks for all you do.
Kammie Rivera

Melissa said...

I disagree with Obama being the next president...but that is the great thing about our nation. We can vote and even if we all don't agree, we can be heard. Even though I wish the election had turned out differently, I am still excited to see our country hopefully prosper:) Melissa-AZ,USA

Mara said...

I am glad to see Obama as president and more of all glad to see Bush going ...finally ... I have been waiting for that day since 4 years

Laura said...

What's up California? So much for it's liberal reputation! But unfortunately it's not like they are any different from the rest of the U.S. I agree it is an outdated discrimination! I am happy to report that Michigan passed 2 proposals: allowing medical use marijuana and stem cell research. Let's hope Obama's vision can be realized-- he's got a long road ahead. BTW thanks for todays list.

Shannon said...

It's a sad time in our history. Seems no one understands the "balance of power" and how our government works. The president does not rule alone, he rules with, or should I say against, the congress. Bush can not get things done unless the congress goes with him. So let's stop blaming him for all the wrongs in our country. It's the people who vote in the congress and it's the people who allow the congress to get away with such terrible things.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Shannon...the President can't do much of anything without the backing of Congress, so enough with blaming Bush for everything...who will end up as the scapegoat when people find out that Obama isn't perfect? Hmmm...Bush, I bet ;)

tina said...

I for one, agree with Kammie. I am heartened by how the rest of the world (including you, IkeaGoddess) has supported and celebrated President Obama's election. THAT is significant, whether some believe it or not. We SHOULD be mindful of how the rest of the world portrays the USA. Ipray, fervently, for change, Obama's protection, our nation's future, and I believe through him (and God) it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Well said Shannon. What our media fails to tell the people of this country and the world is that our economy started to plummett when the Democrats took office...oh yes, they don't want to admit that so they blame it on Bush and it is not his fault. My fear is things will get much worse now that there is a democratic congress and senate and a democratic president. Obama's opinions are so diabolically opposite of everything I stand for as a strong Christian conservative and yes, I am proud to be a conservative. No matter how we feel about the election, I told my kids today that we will be praying for president Obama...just like we pray for president Bush every single night before bed. I think years from now, the world will realize that President Bush was exactly what our country needed. God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

i have to disagree with you on the fact that the Bush administration has not done things to this country, and the world, without Congress. There is the warrant less wiretapping, the torture that goes on at Gitmo, the firing of the attorneys at the Justice Department, not to mention the lies that were told to Congress and the nation to get us into Iraq. There is supposed to be a balance of power between the executive, legislative, and judiciary, and Bush took more power than any other president has. I will agree that we as a nation are at fault, since we are not holding them accountable. And lets not forget, that the Republicans had control of congress for 6 years of his administration, so he did have some help.
No one says that Obama is perfect. It would be stupid to expect a leader to be, but I believe he will be a president that holds our best interests, as well as the worlds, to heart.
Putting all of that aside, it is a historical time, and every American should be proud that we have made it possible, for every child to feel like they have the opportunity to one day be president.

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't agree with you on any of your political views - but thanks for the freebie hunt anyway! It's always a fun thing.

Tracey in FL said...

While I do appreciate the freebie lists you share and the fact that this is your blog to do and say what you please, I find it very unsettling that persons of other countries (who know little about our democracy) can celebrate the election of the most liberal senator in history. I suppose that's because Europe is known for its liberal views.

I am saddened to hear that you feel we are like war mongers over here. I guess you fail to recognize that American intelligence and military support is responsible for protecting and thwarting off numerous attacks around the world. Oh and the reason why health care is so expensive here, it's called greedy lawyers and sue happy Americans who force doctors to pay astronomical fees for malpractice insurance. In turn, charging patients high fees to recoup their losses. it's also the sheer laziness of many Americans who obviously have major weight and therefore medical issues.

While I am deeply saddened that Americans blindly elected the televangelist that the media created, I do hope that our country can get back on track economically (which by the way you can blame Barney Franks, a democrat, and Acorn. I wish Americans would do their homework before voting, it's too bad we don't require an IQ test as part of the registration process. If you do your homework, I'm sure you will also see that that voter turnout was so high because of race. I will certainly wish Obama luck and cross my fingers for the next 4 years. But now you realize that when anything happens, you have no one to blame but yourself if you voted blue.

HRD said...

Before I get on my soap box...I want to thank you so much for all the freebie links as always they are great!!!

I too disagree with Obama being the next president, but I did my part in this great country of ours. Obama scares me and even more who he is associated with scares me not to mention his views and the way he has voted on issues in his current position. I think we are in for a long haul!!! I do agree with Tracey from FL the turnout was up so much because of his race. I just wish people would have researched and paid more attention to "The Real Obama".

As for California I don't live there and I had to look up what prop 8 was, but we too in Ohio had the whole gay marriage vote, anyone can be who they are, but I am a believer that "Marriage is a union of 1 man and 1 woman" Just my 2 cents, but where do we draw the line?

roxined said...

I agree with Shannon and several others that posted after her. I am not happy about the election results either. I think Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I believe the man has his own evil agenda and I think our country is going to suffer with a man like this in office. I see our country moving toward communism.
As for California and Prop 8...I am a Californian and you better believe I voted YES! Alot of people seem to misinterpret what Prop. 8 is really about. No one is trying to take away anyone's right to live the lifestyle they choose or want to live. There is a much bigger picture here than what all the liberals want to portray. If marriage is recognized between two people of the same sex, this affects more than the gays and lesbians. This lifestyle will then be taught in our schools to our children. We as a society do NOT need this being put into our children's heads. They do not need to be taught that this lifestyle is okay or normal. I am NOT judging anyone who lives a lifestyle other than what I live but to be real, don't we all KNOW it is not what God wants for us??? It is NOT! Marriage is between a man and a woman and there is no room for arguing this point. Gays and lesbians are free to choose how they want to live but the "marriage" part infringes on other people's rights when we have to put up with principles and teachings that are so immoral.
Why it is that the rest of us who are heterosexual are expected to be tolerant and just accept things and are criticized when we disagree with things that are not moral. Anyone with values is made fun of and made to look like they are haters and discriminators. This is not true. I am tired of anyone who does not agree with the homosexual lifestyle and speaks out against it as being "homophobic", "a hater", or being discriminative.
We are all human beings, we are all children of God. God loves us all. I don't hate homosexuals. The ones I know or have spoken to are some of the nicest people. BUT that does not make the act of homosexuality right. We need to look at where our country is headed. We keep taking values away and we can all see where we are now because of it.
Ok, I will step down now.
Thank you for the freebies. I enjoy your blog.

Patamomma said...

To anonymous above me. Wow, I voted blue and I will be happy to take responsibility for what happens if you will take responsibility for the hell we have lived through for the last 8 years under Bush. No president is perfect, but, I have never felt that the Republicans have had my interest at heart. Obama had my attention way before he had his sights on the Presidency. I think that the win had less to do with race, and more to do with a person that made me feel like it is our responsibility to be part of this government. It's our future, and our task to change it. I have never felt so proud to be an American. I don't necessarily agree with everything anyone stands for. But, I think this man will listen and try to do what is best. I am not disturbed that other countries pay this close of attention to our elections. They actually are taught better than we are. Yes, we have been defenders of others in many cases, but, they also see the atrocities that our government has been part of in other countries too. So, yep they are watching, and they want to be our friends again. Bush made us a lot of enemies, with his lies. We cannot fix everything wrong in 4 years, but I have confidence we can make a good start. I hope that we can also reach around the globe and all start to make things right. Patty

Anonymous said...

@hrd -

the line is drawn when something interfers with your personal civil rights then OMG it's not fair and it's discrimination.

no one cares about anyone else but themselves in the US. Look how a prior poster, Tina, is because Ikea isn't in the US she can't say what she feels. Typical US attitude.

The way the world sees the US is how we as the citizens puts out there.

And to the person with the whole IQ rest attitude - get real. Because people don't agree with you does not mean the IQ they have is low.

Jess said...

Love the list!

And Shannon, thank you for what you posted - being informed about how things work is foundational for solid opinions. People are opinionated for sure, informed I'm not so certain. I just wanted to make sure your initial point wasn't lost amongst opinion.

I support the election coverage being OVER. ;)

disappointed in Obama said...

Thank you for posting the freebies, I do appreciate them!

But I do disagree on your comments of our election. As a citizen of this country are impacted in many more ways than others outside the country can see. This isn't just about "change" war, and toleration. I think people were so anxious for any change that they just voted without really knowing anything about this candidate. I agree with quite a bit of what Shannon, Tracy, HRD and Roxine said. But mostly I will now pray for leadership in this country.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shannon! Why isn't the media reporting more on the role of Congress. Remember people, Congress sends our troops to war, not the president.
Also, the US has not had another terrorist attack under Pres. Bush and the economy flourished until banks were forced to give loans to people who couldn't afford homes.

Angie, you are wonderful and I appreciate all you do. I hope you understand that although I disagree, I still like you and your blog. :)

The Reese Family said...

I agree with those saddened about Obama being our President. While I don't agree with everything Bush did, he didn't do it alone. We're going to be ruled by a man that associates himself with people that do not LOVE America. Our next President attended a church for how many years only to say he didn't know the views of the preacher? Give me a break. Obama won because the media loved him and didn't report all the negative things about him. So many people say how stupid Bush was...did you see the video of Obama saying he has visited 57 states? Our next President thinks America has 57 states. Even a 5th grader knows better than that!

leslie said...

Ditto to comments made by Shannon,
Tracey, Hrd, Roxined, Jess, and disappointed in Obama said.
Great to have a black president though. Just iwsh he different political views. Thanks for your freebies!

Anonymous said...

I had to join into the discussion. :) I didn't support Obama (I do not agree with many of his issues).I am finally glad that people can no longer blame the Republican party for what they did not do. Yes, Bush made some terrible mistakes (I have no problem admitting that!!), but they were not all of his fault. Also, everyone seems to forget that today Congress has the lowest approval ratings. Guess who is in charge? the Democrats. Why is the economy in shambles? the Democrats.
link to an article is at the bottom of my writing.

Americans will start to realize what they have voted for, and perhaps in 2012 they will look to the Republicans for real change.

Obama wants to make partial abortion legal. I find that extremely inhumane and I urge you to understand the full consequences of that.

Yes, healthcare for all is important, a cleaner environment is important, but isn't the most important right is the right for life?

Thank you angie for all of the wonderful things you do for the digital scrapbooking community. I really appreciate it! I agree with anonymous- it is great that everyone can have their own opinions and still be civil!!!


tina said...

no one cares about anyone else but themselves in the US. Look how a prior poster, Tina, is because Ikea isn't in the US she can't say what she feels. Typical US attitude.

Uh, Anonymous, if you had read my post more clearly, I said "HEARTENED", meaning "encouraged." I fully believe that Ikea can make known however she feels.

Amber said...

I had to raise my eyebrows after reading patamomma's comment about living in hell for the past 8 years. Hell? Seriously? It's a very, very small percentage of Americans that don't have all the modern amenities, jobs, FOOD, and a home.

I think we are a big nation of whiners, and instead of blaming a President, why don't we step up and act like the citizens of the free nation of America should??

I'm not entirely sure about Obama and a lot of ideals he is supporting, but I think he has brought hope to a lot of people, and I'm praying we can use that hope to make this a better country for everyone.

Anonymous said...

As a Californian, I am totally impressed with your knowledge of prop 8. Yes...very sad that it passed, but you have to understand the lies that people were told. If people did not research what it really meant, they just would believe the signs they would see, or the commercials on TV.

I totally hope that Obama is able to be the leader that we need him to be...not only for us here in the states, but for the whole world really. I have never been so excited in my whole life.


Anonymous said...

Great comment. It is nice to hear of those outside of the US following our election. I am a HUGE Obama fan. He has given me hope for our contry that I have lost all faith in over the last eight years. We are blessed to have a wonderful leader soon to be in our control. I could not agree more on Prop. 8. It makes me sick to think that that right was taken away from people. I don't know when this country will come to terms and accept everyone for who they are. Thanks for all you do for us! Lauren, Spokane WA

Anonymous said...

Everyone thinks that Obama is our new savior...and in 4 years we will be wondering why all the promises didnt come true. He acts like he can do it alone, and he will be wanting another 4 years come 2012. Im not saying he cant help...but I think this was the easiest election for Democrats following the "horrible Bush Administration". Wonder what the excuse will be when Obama's reign is over and we are still facing the same problems. I still think it is a huge milestone for our country to make by electing an African American president. I pray for Obama and his family. That he will open his heart and receive the only perfect love of Christ. Only through Christ can we find true peace and happiness.

larkd said...

I totally echo your comments. It seems the Us took a giant step forward last night with the election of Barack Obama, but California (where I call home) took 2 back. You can't image my disappointment with my State. Unfortunately, where California goes, the rest of the nation tends to follow. It's time to let everyone live their life as they want.

Madison Lee said...

Patty aka patamomma, i am just so lovin' you right now... *hugs to you*... I too feel that Obama is the right choice. Boo hoo, McPalin lovers, it's time for change. Obama needs more that prayers to turn this country around from the shitty 8 years it went through. Did prayers help this country and the thousands who died for Bush's senseless wars, their families and a lot more who lost their jobs? My husband is in the Army, he was deployed for almost 2 years because Bush just couldn't stop sending troops to his and his daddy's little war zone in Iraq. We have lost 3 goos friends in this war already. I don't want my husband to be next.

The world is watching us... Why? Because we are America. Televangelist? Puh-lease! I'd rather have "that one", the so-called televangelist as president whose got a great plan for my country and its people over some old bloke who possibly murdered several kids in Vietnam, who left and divorced his first wife for a younger and waaay richer morphine-addicted trophy heiress, a man who have a blemished political service record and with all maverick ignorance, chose an ignoramous, blabber-idiot, imbecil of a woman he would like to pass as his next VP should he have won... I'm sorry but It would have been a tough election if McCain came up with a better running mate. Palin was hands down his downfall.

When Bush won over Gore, I was devastated. It should've been the Nobel peace prize awardee Gore for president 8 years ago. Then Kerry who was preferred by 8 out of the 9 superpowers of the world over Bush. Only Americans, who sadly were the ones who decided the election, chose this moron. I was like, why? Why?!

I live in Cali too and prop 8 getting the "yes" was a bit shocking to me too. I have expected the opposite.

Ikeagoddess... thank you so much for your freebies. They are great as always. I am happy about the kind of support you've shown for the past months for our election. I think I love you more now than ever before.

Hifam said...

I love your website. Thanks for putting it together daily.

Here's a little video clip explaining prop 8. I found it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Lovvvvvvvvved what you had to say! I am from Canada and felt the same as you! Yay for progress in one way.. but disappointing what is happening in California. Thanks so much for sharing your sentiments .. it was interesting to read! ;)


Anonymous said...

Just one more thing.. Patamomma... you are truly awesome!!!

You are a bright light in this thread girl!!!


HelenClyde said...

WOW! As I´m German (or European, more), it seems almost a logical consequence I´m pro Obama, and I´m still excited for the turnout of the election.

I know I can´t judge on the political issues, but I absolutely love what´s going on here - I mean, look at all those controverse comments, hear people talk about politics everywhere, with such strong emotions - this is the debate we needed, worldwide, and only through this exchange of controverse opinoins the world can be made a better place. After all this blog was about... uhm... colorfull pictures, after all - and now we´re deeply discussing, just because of Obama being elected. Isn´t that great??!!

Well, thanks for the "colorful pictures", anyway, :-) And for the song, too.

I´m only looking forward to our elections next year... Maybe they can find some Obama here?

Mara said...

I loved to read all of your comments to learn more about your country and your opinions.
Thank you that you all took the time to tell what you think,
it is the discussions like this, that give the wish to read and learn more to understand a country better

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fab list!

I am excited to see the changes a new president will bring to our country. I like Obama. But I would have been proud to have called McCain my president as well. He is a good man and would have served our country well (again).

Having said that, I did educate myself thouroughly regarding the candidates. I have spent a great deal of time following them. I have watched every debate, and read a great deal of material and I tried to keep an open mind.

I voted for Obama because he is the candidate who best represented my views. Not everyone votes blindly. In fact, I believe most people voted their conscience.

I'd like to apologize to you Angie if anyone has made you feel attacked here. Freedom of speech is a right granted to us by our Constitution. It's a right I am incredibly grateful for. I appreciate hearing what you and others have to say, even when a person's views don't match my own.

I am also so grateful that I have been able to marry the person that I am deeply in love with. It breaks my heart that there are so many Americans who are denied this right because their love is different than the "norm."

I don't live in Cali, but I felt like crying when I heard that prop 8 had passed. I guess I just hoped that we as Americans (and humans) could finally get past the bigotry. Love is always right.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Zakirah said...

I am NOT judging anyone who lives a lifestyle other than what I live but to be real, don't we all KNOW it is not what God wants for us??? It is NOT! Marriage is between a man and a woman and there is no room for arguing this point. Gays and lesbians are free to choose how they want to live but the "marriage" part infringes on other people's rights when we have to put up with principles and teachings that are so immoral.
Why it is that the rest of us who are heterosexual are expected to be tolerant and just accept things and are criticized when we disagree with things that are not moral. Anyone with values is made fun of and made to look like they are haters and discriminators. This is not true. I am tired of anyone who does not agree with the homosexual lifestyle and speaks out against it as being "homophobic", "a hater", or being discriminative.
We are all human beings, we are all children of God. God loves us all. I don't hate homosexuals. The ones I know or have spoken to are some of the nicest people. BUT that does not make the act of homosexuality right. We need to look at where our country is headed. We keep taking values away and we can all see where we are now because of it."

Well said. I agree 100%.

busynurse3 said...

I was very disappointed in the results as well. I cannot support a man who shows allegiance to his country only in front of the cameras (and sometimes not even then). For me his true character is very suspect. He cannot possibly do what he is proposing without raising taxes - let's be real. And, well, I won't even begin with where I disagree on moral issues, the list is too long. I will definitely pray for him and his family. Pray that God will direct his path, as this journey stands to be a tough one for him.
God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've just realized in the past few days the mindset of many scrapbookers. It's disturbing. I just want you to know that most of the
\people I know voted for Obama. The freethinkers, the creatives, the intellectuals, the non-racists. There are MANY of us out there. Give me a break you whining, stay-at-home women who have never lived in the real world. Let your husbands and your preachers and fox news tell you what to do and think.

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog's commentary, I thought I'd add my two cents:

First, thanks for finding all these great freebies for us! You're totally awesome! I think it's great that you (and many around the world) followed the election and have an opinion. After all, the US will affect more than Americans. It's wonderful that more than just Americans can express their opinions.

I'm very conservative and don't agree with many of Obama's principles. I think he (and especially the media) have given many people the impression that he will be able to fix everything that's wrong. He, nor any other candidate, can do that. Both the Republicans and Democrats have made some big mistakes over the years (including before Bush's administration), and I think we'll be paying for those for a number of years.

However, it's hard to argue with more than 50% of American voters. I hope my misgivings about Obama are unfounded and that he will be a wonderful president. It's up to all Americans to help.

I was also surprised at Proposition 8 in California. I thought there would have been a huge support for making gay marriage legal. I also thought it somewhat ironic that Colorado and Nebraska had legislation to end affirmative action in their states.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share my feelings. Thanks again for the freebie list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

Wow we really have some strong feelings, each of us...and truly yes, there is more to Prop 8 than those of you angry about it even understand. With the passing of that did you know that soon Polygamists and other parties would also soon be given the right to is much that many of you need to understand, but we will only learn as much as we are willing to.

On behalf of President Bush, I have to tell all of you something WONDERFUL I learned. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Glen Beck and his opinions. Awhile back, he shared something very neat about President Bush that I wish more people knew. If I can find it on the web, I will come back and post it here. After tearing Bush apart, President Bush called and invited him to come visit him at the White House...(I think this was in the last year or 2?? I need to get those facts straight) But the gist of it all is that when Glen Beack went to meet with him, he had SUCH A DIFFERENT VIEW of everything about the President....and after all they talked about and shared President Bush told him that he knows there are MANY who are extremely unhappy with him and his decisions, BUT that he (President Bush) knows he has to answer to a higher authority oneday (That being God) and so he had to make decisions that he knew were pleasing to Him. SO while things he was prompted to do may not make the world happy, he was answering to God, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we have had a President that valued that so very much. He is such a good man. I hope our new President will find it within himself to do the same thing.

Val said...

Well here's some irony for you. 70% of African American voters supported Prop 8.

Wow, should they be loved or hated? Or accepted for having the ability to vote their consciences like the rest of us?

Like your blog, but most of us don't spend time praising or trashing Angela Merkel.

roxined said...

The link you posted was perfect. Thank you. They did an excellent job of explaining Prop 8. The majority of people are just misinformed and do not have the whole picture of what it is really about.
This what I have tried to explain to people. No one is trying to take away their "rights" to live their life.

Nicole Ray said...

Thank you for all the work you do on listing all these freebies everyday!

I am really glad that Prop 8 passed. What I interpreted from this proposition was that all churches would be forced to marry gays and lesbians whether we believe it or not and if your church refuses then the government can take away there license to marry anyone. What happened to the constitution and the religious freedom that America is known for? What about the division of church and state? I also wish that in America you could stand up for what you believe in and not worry about any persecution. For me that means both ways not just my side. Everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to. I hope that made sense and explained why so many voted for it to pass!
I also believe that the race for president was a racial one. I heard that 97% of black voted for Obama. I also heard this talk show on the radio and they went to Harlem to interview those that were voting and used McCains policies but said that they were Obama's and asked who they agreed with. All kept saying Obama but with McCains policies. That is so sad that they are not informed yet still got to vote! I've enjoyed reading all the comments and different point of views. Thanks for all you do.

Val said...

Also, I think someone living in a country in which five children were removed from their family by the Jugendamt just for homeschooling, should not throw stones at the US for failing to live up to a concept of a free world.

Germany is reported to have the highest incidences in all of Europe for removing children from their homes (Zeitung said removals are up 12.5% while the rate of child abuse remained the same). Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

I'm another who's not at all happy with the fact that we've elected Obama. I disagree with pretty much everything that he represents. Strangely, the way he portrayed himself in speaches and debates, he was much more moderate, and I can see why people are drawn to him. He definitely has "power" over the people and I hope that he can inspire the country to God-led goodness (not personal agendas). I also hope that after 4 years I can say I was wrong about him and that he was good for his country (though admittedly, I'm not holding my breath).

I also think that we are good at placing blame... it's always a battle between Republicans did this, Democrats did that... it's his fault, her fault, etc. As a nation, we have become very selfish, self-serving, demanding, entitled, desiring instant-gratification, "if it feels good, do it" with our attitude. Our country's people are reflected by the people we put in DC -- and we're kind of getting out what we've been putting in lately. On both sides of the aisle.

Mara said...

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've just realized in the past few days the mindset of many scrapbookers. It's disturbing. I just want you to know that most of the
\people I know voted for Obama. The freethinkers, the creatives, the intellectuals, the non-racists. There are MANY of us out there. Give me a break you whining, stay-at-home women who have never lived in the real world.

Give me a break, did I understand right, that this woman using much prejustice is calling freethinkers and intellectuells her friends, how do they deal with this condemntening opinion :-)

I for me believe, that I am staying at home wife and freethinker, believe it or not

Jean said...

Anonymous Wrote: "The freethinkers, the creatives, the intellectuals, the non-racists. There are MANY of us out there. Give me a break you whining, stay-at-home women who have never lived in the real world. Let your husbands and your preachers and fox news tell you what to do and think."

Excuse me!? It's comments like these that really steam me. I'm not even a stay-at-home-mom, yet I'm offended for them.

I'm a conservative. I'm an executive (work for a Fortune 500). I'm a mom. My husband works as well. I'm a free thinker. I'm creative. I'm not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. My brother is gay. Yet.... I absolutely voted AGAINST OBAMA.

At some point, I'd love to have political discussions that enlighten people on the issues, rather than attack the character of those having the discussion. You don't know me or any of the other conservatives who have posted... yet you presume to based on the fact that we didn't vote for or voted to pass Prop 8 (I'm not in Cali, so I didn't vote on that one).

The negative character attacks do happen on both sides; it's this one that just got me today. But until we can intelligently discuss political issues, rather than assassinate each other's character, no "education" will take place. There's absolutely no way I'll listen to the opinion of someone who is calling me names and belittling me. However, one might stand a chance to sway me if the discussions become about the issues rather than how closed-minded I am.

Jean said...

And by the way, Angie. Your blog and freebie list have been particularly wonderful lately. Thank you for continuing to offer your generous hunting skills to the digital community. Sorry to have hijacked your comments like this!

Anonymous said...

I am not happy that Obama is to be our next President.

I am not looking forward to him working at changing our country to be socialist like European countries. For some reason liberals want to be just like Europe. If Europe has it so great, then move there!

Your comment about Prop 8...My authority comes from God and His Word. God says that homosexuality is sin. No matter how homosexuals and liberals give their 'stamp of approval' for this sin (and many other sins), does not make it right.

And to comment to this comment by a previous commenter: "Wow. I've just realized in the past few days the mindset of many scrapbookers. It's disturbing." Well, excuse me for not thinking just like you! I mean, what was I thinking???

In closing...there is this gospel hymn that starts out with these words:"My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness." Pretty much says how I stand. :)

Anita said...

'Wow. I've just realized in the past few days the mindset of many scrapbookers. It's disturbing. I just want you to know that most of the people I know voted for Obama. The freethinkers, the creatives, the intellectuals, the non-racists. There are MANY of us out there. Give me a break you whining, stay-at-home women who have never lived in the real world. Let your husbands and your preachers and fox news tell you what to do and think.'


Jean, Thanks for defending us seemingly worthless 'Stay At Home Women'. I am also steamed! -

So, anonymous, I want you to know that after graduating from college, I served 22 years in the armed forces (my husband has 21) and I put off motherhood to serve my country. I felt it honorable to defend the rights and freedoms of my country and it's citizens ... including you! I'm now happily raising my son at home, so watch your generalizations... not everyone falls into them. In my 'real world' I don't openly (and anonymously) criticize others because they don't think like me.

It won't be long before this worthless stay at home woman may get a chance to say "I told you so!".

And Madison Lee... in case you didn't know... we have a volunteer Army, if you and your husband aren't proud to serve and don't support your commander-in-chief, then get out and go get a job. It's servicemembers, and spouses, who talk like you who are an embarrassment to this country. From experience I know it's likely your husband proudly serves and you sit back and complain. Very intellectual. Do him proud and support his service to this great country. I certainly thank him!

My husband goes to Iraq in March and we feel nothing but pride - unfortunately Obama will be in office, I would much rather have had him deploy under the command of McCain but we will do the honorable thing and support Obama.

The great thing about this country is that we have choices - thanks to the service and sacrifice of great men like John McCain - (and your husband and family too Madison Lee).

I didn't vote for, and don't care for, Obama. That doesn't mean I'm going to criticize any of you for what you believe in. Opinion is one thing, criticism is another.

Thank you IkeaGoddess, for sharing your freebies everyday.

Dutchy said...

In the Netherlands when asked about 87% of the people would have voted for Barack Obama. I think age has more to do with it than race here. Yes we are more liberal than a lot of people in the USA, but we also have a large party here that is the Christian Democratic party. The Christian conservatives only have a small group of voters for them. When we vote we can choose between more than 20 parties. There's something for everyone, not only democratic and conservative, but many more opinions. I think that saying about someone who has not voted like you have, that they are not intelligent enough or that they don't understand what it's all about, that's not a nice way to deal with them. I think in the USA there are a lot of people who made an educated vote, and also a lot who looked at person or voted just "like they always did". You always have that, everywhere. I think it's brave of you Ikeagoddess to have raised the election issue here on your blog. I noticed that within the scrapping communities I'm in that nobody ever spoke about the elections. Here in the Netherlands it's totally normal to talk about your political views with others. But maybe that's because you only have two people to vote between. I'm also happy that every citizen over 18 years old here gets his voters card, and not only people who register. And I'm personally very happy that the Bush administration will be gone. I hope that the USA army will disappear from the countries that never asked to come for help, and that those countries will not be too angry and take revenge...

kammie said...

ok, lets get something straight. Right now, churches don't have to marry everybody (heterosexuals) The Catholic church for instance has the choice to not marry 2 people if one of them happen to be divorced, or a church can say no to a couple that won't go through a council session, and I can go on and on. The state of California is what gives marriage licenses, and the couple, gay or straight would then go to wherever would marry them. Prop 8 takes away this right, plain and simple. I am so embarrassed by some of these comments. I just long for a day, when people don't have to separate other people into groups and make them scary, so they can feel better about themselves.

The Red Head said...

I live in Southern Indiana. We voted for Barack Obama and are so very happy to see the elections results. We look forward to change. I have had this video up on my own website and not one comment on it, although its been there for months. It was making me wonder if there was very much support for Obama. But seeing that there were six MILLION votes over John McCain..clearly, he has the support of the Majority of Americans! We look forward to the next four years of Change and hopefully four more after that!

Anonymous said...

IKEA...I too would like to thank you for all the freebies. This site is such great fun.

Isn't is a blessing to live in countries where we are free to think and vote as we want? I didn't vote for Obama. I too think he is a wolf in sheeps cloting. But again...the people voted, and he won. That is th Democratic process.

As far as Prop 8 goes in CA. I live in California and voted YES ON 8. I don't have a problem with homosexuals. Under the law, same-sex couples enjoy the same rights as married couples. I can understand how defining their relationship as "marriage" could add value to them, but ufortunatly redefining marriage does more than that. You only need to look to Massachusetts to see the far reaching ramificatios of changing the definition of traditional marriage. Parents are losing the right to be notified of what schools are teaching their children. They are loosing the right to teach thier children what they want and when they want to. Each parent has the right to teach his/her own child the way he/she wants. So while maintaining the traditional definition of marriage does not take away any rights to same-sex couples, changing it takes away rights of parents. The US already has limitations places on marriage. You cannot marry a minor child, you cannot marry a close family member, you have to marry another human. Should those limitations be removed too?? I think not.

kelly said...

Wow, I'll just keep it simple and say Thanks for the freebie list!

cajungal01 said...

I only made it half way through all of these comments so I didn't read all of them.
I got to "tracey in fla" and "Roxined" and knew that my post would be repetitive. Those posts say all I would want to say too.

I agree on Obama and California's Prop 8, well said ladies (and MANY others).


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I will just say that I completely agree with tracyinfl and roxined. I cannot fathom why most of America voted for Obama. His association with Ayers and the preacher of his church is bad enough but he's also going to cut the military spending drastically. He has on more than one occasion totally contradicted himself. He will state one thing and then hours later he will say the exact opposite! McCain was a war hero and served his country for the past 50 years, how can that not be admirable? As for as the comment from Madison Lee, I too am an Army wife. I have been for the past 11 years. My husband is on his 4th deployment to the Middle East. If your husband or you, as a spouse, do not support your country or your commander in chief, than get the hell out and get a job!!! When Obama screws us all and turns the USA into crap, then maybe all you Obama supports will wonder, Oh crap what have we done??

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see so much hate and intolerance still in our country. My biggest wish for our nation is that religious fundamentalists will someday leave the judging and condemnation to the GOD they say they believe in.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot marry a minor child, you cannot marry a close family member, you have to marry another human. Should those limitations be removed too?? I think not."

Of course you can't marry a minor child. They can't make decisions for themselves. Adults need to choose for them and protect them until they are capable of making their own decisions.

Marrying another family member is obviously a bad idea. Mixing the gene pools in such a manner can create terrible birth defects.

Obviously only humans should be married. That's silly. Are you suggesting that gay people should be compared to animals? That is ridiculous and insulting.

Homosexuals are people. They should have the same rights as you and I have. If you can present to me a reasonable objection as to why they should not have access to those same rights, I would be open to hearing about it.

If your reason is that your religious book tells you that you shouldn't be homosexual, then fine, don't be homosexual. Why should I or anyone else be required to live by your religious standards?

Wasn't our country founded on the idea of religious freedom? Of seperation of church and state? Read a history book. Many of our ancestors came here to escape religious persecution. It's a shame that so many of us have forgotten that.

The reason people continue to refer to that type of thinking as hateful and bigoted, is because IT IS hateful and bigoted. 50 years ago it was widely deemed appropriate to consider a person of another race inferior and not worthy of the same rights as a white man. And the same goes for women. We fought hard to win our rights to equality as women.

Every adult should have equal rights in this country. It is right. It is moral. And it is promised to us by the constitution that our forefathers wrote for us.

I don't believe in your bible. I do not feel compeled to abide by it and neither do countless other Americans. But I have read it cover to cover. Have you? Jesus Christ taught love. He taught kindness. He spoke of charity to his fellow man. I'm not sure where within the covers of your book it stated, "God says it is to be left to Melissa, and Tina and HRD and many others to decide whether or not other adults should be allowed to pursue the right to their own happiness."

There have been so few times in our country's history when an amendment has been made to the to take away our rights. It saddens me deeply that this continues to happen.

I know that someday we will look back on this time in history and wonder how we could have been so cruel.

roxined said...

I jut have a couple of questions or some things to ponder for "anonymous" above who does not believe in the Bible...
What about MY rights and my children's rights? Is it RIGHT that schools be allowed to teach this lifestyle to our children? Is it right that parents not be notified that our children are being taught this way? Don't you think that every parent has the right to teach their children their belief system? I do not want my children taught that the homosexual lifestyle is okay because it is not okay. Parents should be the ones teaching their values in their homes. I do not teach my children to discriminate or hate others who are different or believe differently than we do.
Many of us are not judging homosexuals. We are only pointing out the fact that the homosexual lifestyle is not natural and we as parents have a "right" to decide what our children are being taught at school. Where do we as a society draw the line? It may sound ridiculous to think that a person may want to marry an animal but honestly in today's society that would not shock me one bit.
Let's not forget that heterosexuals have rights too. It is NOT all about the homosexuals rights. They do have all the same rights as everyone else BUT redefining marriage is not a right for anyone.

Anonymous said...


Lee said...

Anonymous said:If your reason is that your religious book tells you that you shouldn't be homosexual, then fine, don't be homosexual. Why should I or anyone else be required to live by your religious standards?

No..its not just that, its becuase its NOT NATURAL, if it were a natural way of life, then it would be more excepted! You could produce children through this union of woman and woman and man and man.
Animals in nature don't even do that which means we are stepping down to lower then nature.

Jennifer said...

I think that the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign was brilliant. It led many people to believe that they had to fear that they children would be taught about gay marriage in school. As a future educator and a student, I do not recall ever being taught about marriage. Think about this...if marriage is taught in school then straight marriage has been taught for a long time. Apparently teaching about the heterosexual lifestyle and marriage didn't convince the multitude of gay people to be straight so why would the inverse be true. Regardless of anyone's personal religious beliefs (and I have some myself) it is WRONG to eliminate rights based on sexual orientation. Alas not long ago people of African descent could not marry whites. Was that okay? It is never right to eliminate constitutional rights from a group of people. It is blatant discrimination. I am not a fan of guns, but I don't think that the constitution should be changed because people kill each other with them. Constitutional rights are EVERYONE'S rights, not just those in the majority. If that was the case why not just give them to white people. It is ridiculous that people would believe the hype that the pro-prop 8 campaign provided. I am all for freedom of religion, but why should one religion dictate another's rights??? If you don't like gay people, that's fine with me, but why do you get to decide what they can do??? I thought there was a separation between church and state. I guess I am the only one that truly believes that God loves everyone.

Oh and I went to a gay marriage ceremony on Friday at a courthouse and it was beautiful to see two people who love each other so much that they vowed to spend forever together. Why shouldn't everyone be allowed to make that promise?

roxined said...

Yes, God does love EVERYONE but He does approve of some of the choices that we make.

Anonymous said...

"Wasn't our country founded on the idea of religious freedom? Of seperation of church and state? Read a history book."

Actually you should read a history book. Separation of church and state is not a historical concept. Go read the constitution or any of the founding documents of our contry and tell me where you will find "separation of church and state". I'll be waiting...

Luann said...

I guess this might just be the place to voice my meager opinion. I am a household that makes over $250,000. By our standards we are not wealthy but we are wise with our money. We own our house outright, we own our vehicles outright. Do you know why...because my husband works his _ _ _ off in places most people wouldn't dare go. He is away from our family 6 months out of the year. Now Mr. Obama says he would like to take our hard earned cash and spread it around. You give it to the have nots. To give to the folks who should have never ever ever gotten a mortgage on their salary, but did anyway because Barney Frank said the banks had to lend them the money. How about about we stop working just enough to fall below his ridiculous idea of wealth (which by the way keeps moving down in value). How about we fall right under the radar. That means that we aren't working or producing anything. Or how about when some terrible storm rolls in like "Ike" or "Katrina" we say so sorry, we can't afford to give you any help....Obama has taken it already. Or when the school asks for a donation, or when the girl scouts come around, or or get the idea. I am scared and I am infuriated all at the same time. The young Obama voters waving their Soviet flags in Grant Park do not have a clue as to what it takes to run a successful household or a successful country. Obama, if he does implement his socialistic views, will take away our incentive to work and give. How can that be good for the economy, how the heck will it be good for our household? But hey, it would be good for his base voters...they will be the ones getting my money. Common sense has left the country. Now we all get to bail these folks out. It makes me want to move to some international locale and forget America for the next 4 years. I am sick about it. I am stressed out about it. Our portfolio has dropped and continues to drop daily....if my husband ever thought about retiring in the next several years that is all out the window now. How can bigger government and more spending solve that?? I will say, be careful what you wish for. The democrats have complained so loud and so long that we can't bear to hear any more. Now they have the power and now we shall see what they and the liberal media do with it.

Anonymous said...

"The freethinkers, the creatives, the intellectuals, the non-racists. There are MANY of us out there. Give me a break you whining, stay-at-home women who have never lived in the real world. Let your husbands and your preachers and fox news tell you what to do and think."

Oh really? He who is without fault, cast the first stone.

Wow, I am stunned by your comment directed at women you HAVE NEVER MET!

I am a stay at home mom... with a college degree, a former successful career (until I decided to raise my own children, not hand them off to someone else so I could continue to pursue my career), an adopted half black brother, who is gay, I might add. And I love him and don't judge him. I don't believe that God loves the sin, but He loves the sinner. I am a non-racist, I am a free thinker, I am an intellectual. I am creative (now persuing a part time career in the arts while raising my family)- and no one tells me what to think, not my husband, not the news reporters, not my pastor. I HAVE lived in the real world, and continue to do so.

Maybe you should reserve judgment until you actually have a clue what you are talking about... in other words, know who someone is, don't decide based on their choice to stay at home.

Wow. *shakes head*


Tracy said...

I think the prop 8 was confusing to people. With voting yes vs no. At least, I really hope that was the probem. Becuase I dont agree with the prop at all.

Vicki said...

I would like to say to you Angie that I respect hearing your opinions on things that affect the entire world such as the election of a new US president. I am from England and we have our views too - I love hearing all sides of the argument. However, I am disturbed that so many commenters here have commented anonymously - surely if you are proud of what you say, you should say it openly?

Thanks for finding the freebies too - you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

This is why I am so proud NOT to be an American. Such destructive commentary on here. Not just opinions.. but hurtful judgements about others.

This could be why Americans are still not well received around the rest of the world?

There are better ways to share what you think, and more productive ways of educating one another about how you see your country and it's problems.

It's rather embarrassing to even read some of this. I think your country has a lonnnng way to go. I really hope such a wonderful choice as Obama can help while in office.

Proud Canadian here, who is very much informed, educated and a free thinker. ;)


Nancy said...

Just wanted to comment on the "there is no homosexuality in nature among animals" comment. There most certainly IS homosexuality found in nature amongst animals. I had two female ducks that tried to mate regularly - exchanging roles as to who was the "male" on a regular basis. National Geographic has a great link about this very topic - homosexuality can be found amongst birds, mammals, fish, etc. Since no one taught them this behavior in a school, church or anywhere else, I'd have to say it's as "natural" as it can get.

Nancy said...

And this is a comment about how the "blacks" elected Obama. This is mathematically impossible unless (the "unless" is at the end of my post)...

For this election in 2008, there are 169 million registered voters in the United States - 86 million democrat - 55 million republican - 28 million others registered.

Of the total registered, about 10% (about 17 million) have listed their race as "black", making the other 90% "something other than black".

SO, "unless" every black voter voted (they didn't), AND they ALL voted for Obama (they didn't), there was a VERY LARGE segment of the 90% who claim to be "something other than black", who:

a. Voted for Obama
b. Didn't vote

Either way, the 90% who claim to be "something other than black" elected Obama - either with their vote or with their apathy, and if with the later - shame on them.

Nancy said...

And while I'm on a role, let's not forget who was President when *THE* terrorist attack (the one we all will remember for the rest of our lives) happened on US soil. If we are going to give Bush credit for "preventing" another attack (why didn't he prevent the first one is my question - but I digress), then credit needs to be given to every President before him who also "prevented" such attacks. The list of those Presidents include both Democrats and Replublicans...making neither one "better" at preventing such things. And if we want to look at "the" attack and say THAT President did the worst job of "preventing" attacks, which party would THAT President be from?

Ok, I'll shut up now.

Amy said...

Amen, Sister! You just gave me yet another reason to love you! I agree with your post 100%! Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

I voted Obama! No, I don't think he's the savior but his views align with my own.

His diplomacy with the rest of the world is reason enough to vote for him. The rest of the world sees what many here in this country cannot.

It bothers me that the Republicans are always putting down the rest of the world.

Thanks for your wonderful site :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad for everybody wh o is relieved that obama is now the US president. I can only hope you won't be dissapointed. I have lost and lots of opinions about why I think it's a bad idea that obana won, but I'll keep them to myself, I have been taught that if I can not say something nice, that I should rather say nothing at all.

Heather said...

September 11th should tell us that we are not alone in this world. I think that other contries should pay attention to our politics, and I think we should not be willfully ignorant - and we should start paying attention to theirs. It's reality. It will build better understanding, and even compassion to be aware of what goes on in other contries, and why. About prop 8 - I don't understand why if falls on the government o define marriage anyway. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to marriage, but lets leave that in the hands of God, our own religious circles, and/or our personal beliefs. It doesn't need to be a government issue.

Kiahna said...

Qouted from Anonymous..."Wow. I've just realized in the past few days the mindset of many scrapbookers. It's disturbing. I just want you to know that most of the people I know voted for Obama. The freethinkers, the creatives, the intellectuals, the non-racists. There are MANY of us out there. Give me a break you whining, stay-at-home women who have never lived in the real world. Let your husbands and your preachers and fox news tell you what to do and think."

My thoughts:

Funny, most of the people I know voted for McCain!! I found this the most offensive of all the Republican, Bush-bashing comments, so I felt the need to speak up.

I am a free-thinker creative person (heck I scrapbook, isn't that creative enough?) I am a Christian. I am a stay-at-home Mom-former full-time teacher. This is a typical hateful comment towards stay-at-home mothers, and a stereotype of all scrapbookers. We are not small minded just because we have different opinions and beliefs.

While I was disappointed that Obama won this historical election, I will stand behind him and pray for him, that he can truly bring about the hope and change he speaks of, and I resent the fact that I am considered a racist because I didn't vote for him or agree with his positions on certain issues.

As a pro-Marriage, "Yes on Prop 8" campaigner and voter, I do not believe this had anything to do with discrimination, but protecting the sanctity of marriage as it has been throughout the ages--between a man and a woman. It isn't a step backwards, but a small victory for what I believe to be, well a true and correct principle.

And because I am not afraid of my opinions I will sign this comment with my name!

BTW Thanks for all you do for the digi scrapbooking world!